National Bedlington Terrier Club Championship Show

Judges Critique

Saturday 15th July

I would like to thank the NBTC for their kind invitation to judge and their hospitality, my stewards for their efficiency and the exhibitors for their entry.  I was looking for specimens of the breed who filled my eye both in terms of construction, movement, overall profile and breed type.  For me the height to length ratio and the natural arch over the loin are paramount in producing the outline which is so characteristic of our breed.  These proportions allow reach in front and drive from behind and give rise to that lovely roll when a dog is in full stride.  I feel that we are starting to see specimens which are not meeting this criteria and this is something that we need to mindful of. 

MPD/B (2) 1.  Bambridge’s Woolytop Bluebell Girl at Beckstone.  An attractive feminine blue bitch of 6 months who was full of confidence and held herself well for one so young.  Pleasing head and dark eye with a good reach of neck, horseshoe front, depth of chest and roach over the loin.  Lovely tail set and carriage and covered in a good coat.  Good front movement and was driving from behind.  Look forward to watching her mature.  2.  Middlebrook’s Tcheria Tcharleston.  Lovely wedge shaped head on this blue dog of 6 months who took time to adjust to his surroundings.  Dark blue coat covering a well-proportioned body and correctly shaped topline when standing.  Good angulation and sloping pasterns. 

PD (3, 2) 1.  Neville’s Honeymist Posh Peanuts at Chancete.  A masculine blue dog aged 9 months with a desirable head and eye, thin, filbert shaped velvety ears, correctly angulated front and long sloping pasterns, good depth of chest and correct tuck up, good length to height ratio and hindquarters appeared longer than forelegs which he used with purpose on the move.  Preferred the overall balance and front movement of this dog, BPIS.  2.  Baldwin’s Woolytop Golden Surprise.  A sandy dog of 6 months who had a coat of good colour and texture, was full of confidence.  A smaller made dog than 1 with a really nice overall profile when standing, good wedge shaped head and light hazel eye,  lovely reach of neck into flat sloping shoulders, deep chest and desirable topline.  Good angulation in both front and rear.

JD (0)

ND (1)  1.  Baldwin’s Woolytop Golden Surprise.

PGD (1) 1.  Button’s Jetsway Sole Star.  Blue dog with a masculine head, dark eye and ears which lay flat to his cheek.  Good pigmentation and dark blue body coat which stood out well from the skin.  Straight forelegs with sloping pasterns and long harefeet.  Good depth of chest and tuck up and well angulated hindquarters.

LD (3, 2)  1.  Baldwin’s Woolytop the One and Only JW ShCM.  A well-constructed blue dog with a strong masculine head with pleasing expression, dark eye and good pigment.  Long tapering neck leading to a muscular and flexible body, with a deep chest and correct proportions.  He had a natural arch over loin and a definite tuck up below, good tail set and carriage.  Lovely horseshoe front and moved well both in front and with drive from behind.  2.  Richardson’s Highdene Hartley.  A very attractive and well-presented blue dog who is maturing nicely, he had a good head and well angulated front with a good depth of chest, well muscled hindquarters and strong let down hocks, his rear movement was really good.  I just preferred the overall proportions and topline of 1.

OD (5,4) 1.  Kiernan’s Ch Sharnor High I’m Viktor at Kierlander.  A very well presented dog who makes the most of his time in the ring and has a definite presence.  A lovely wedge shaped masculine head with dark eye and ears that lie flat to his cheeks, flat sloping shoulders, good front angulation, straight forelegs with sloping pasterns, flat ribs leading into a deep brisket and onto to a definite tuck up under the loin.  Well-constructed hindquarters which he put to good use on the move, good tail set and carriage.  He was in good coat both in terms of pigmentation and quality.  When in full flow he had that lovely slight roll and retained his topline whilst moving with drive.  Pleased to award him the CC and later BIS.  2.  Morris’ Honeymist Mellow Tone in Bluemazzu ShCM.  Blue dog with a beautiful head and mild expression, long tapering neck, good proportions in terms of height to length ratio, good fore and rear quarters which were well muscled and covered with a really good coat.  He moved well, retaining his topline, rolling when in full flow and had my favourite tail carriage of the day, his gracefully curved carriage is to be admired.  3.  Fletcher’s Maevani One and Only ShCM.

SBD (0)

VD (0)

PB (2) 1.  Pocklington’s Timberose Rhapsody in Blue.  Blue bitch of 9 months with a strong head, dark eye, good ears and good reach of neck, flat sloping shoulders, good forequarters and pasterns.  Lovely deep chest and tuck up under the loin.  Well angulated rear quarters, good tail set and carriage on the move.  Muscular body covered in a thick linty coat and moved well both in front and behind.  Won this class on her overall movement RBPIS.  2.  Bambridge’s Woolytop Bluebell Girl at Beckstone.

JB (4) Bishop’s Plumeria’s Sea Breeze.  A very feminine, attractive, well presented sandy bitch with a lovely overall shape and presence.  Beautiful pear shaped head with light hazel eyes, thin velvety ears, good reach on neck and front angulation.  Straight forequarters and sloping pasterns, flat ribs, deep brisket, body was muscular and flexible, roach was over the loin and had a definite tuck up below.  Well-muscled and angulated rear, with well let down hocks.  She had the light springy action when on the move, with really good front movement and drive from behind.  Correct tail set and carriage on the move.  Delighted to award this graceful bitch the CC and RBIS.  2.  Small’s Travellersway’s Mischief.  Blue bitch with a pleasing head and eye, gentle expression, lovely blue jacket and presented well.  Good overall proportions, liked her front, sloping pasterns, deep chest, arch over loin and tail set and carriage. 3.  Pocklington’s Timberose Rhapsody in Blue.  4.  Middlebrook’s Poppyblu Elara.

NB (0)

PGB (0)

LB (8, 5) 1.  Baldwin’s Woolytop Take the Lead at Woolytop JW.  A sandy bitch with a narrow, well rounded skull, light hazel eye with the appearance of being triangular, long tapering neck leading into flat sloping shoulders and down to a deep brisket.  Horseshoe front with straight forelegs and sloping pasterns and she showed good reach on the move.  Rear movement showed drive and well let down hocks which turned neither in nor out.  Good overall topline which she retained on the move whilst carrying her head high and her tail low.  Liked her overall angulation and movement.  2.  Bishop’s Fralex Culibre Bolyn.  A slightly finer bitch with similar coat and colouring to 1 and with many attributes in common with 1.  I really liked her shape and size as well as her movement but today preferred the overall profile of 1.   On another day I am sure these two will swap places.    3.  Tonner & Oxbury’s Miteymidgets Nations Unite at Jukenblu ShCM.  4.  Bannister’s Miteymidget’s This is Me.

OB (5)  1.  McNally’s Conekesheved Kaldo Girl JW ShCM blue bitch in good coat and well presented, feminine in appearance with a correctly shaped head and gentle expression, good reach of neck.  Pleasing front construction and horseshoe appearance.  Deep through the brisket and good tuck up.  Well angulated rear quarters which were well muscled.  Moved well both in front and behind and retained her topline and tail carriage when on the move, RBCC.    2.  Garbutt’s Aireview Xmas Holly.  A larger bitch than 1 with good pigmentation, dark eye and wedge shaped head.  Good overall proportions in terms of height to length ratio with a natural arch over the loin, giving a really nice overall outline.  Good angulation both in front and behind which she put to good use on the move.  Just preferred the overall size and more graceful appearance of 1.  3.  Bannister’s Love in Bloom JW.  4.  Bluemazzu Ballerina.  5.  Ch Janmark Jkay JW ShCM.

SBB (2,0)

VB (1)  1,  Bannister’s Ch Miteymidgets Hawkers Cove ShCM.  Dark jacket on this blue bitch of 9 years who is in excellent condition.  Really nice shaped head, dark eye and ears which lay flat to her cheek.  Good reach of neck leading into well angulated shoulders and straight forequarters with sloping pasterns.  Deep brisket and definite tuck up, well angulated and muscled rear quarters, BVIS.

Brace (1).  Bishop’s bitches who were very similar in both size and shape as well as type, moved well together around the ring.

J Cumming (Rocabec)