The NBTC held their annual championship show at Thorpe Willoughby Village Hall near Selby.

It was an honour and a privilege to be invited to judge the club championship show,a club that I have served since 1989,as committee,chairman for 10 years and latterly as president for the last 3 years.

I found no bad mouths,runny or tear stained eyes or cracked and corny feet. On the down side I was surprised to find some heavy shoulders that contributed to the exhibits being wide across the front and also straight fronts and by that I mean when viewed in profile the legs are not far enough under the body,the upper arm angulation is not correct and may be indicative of being short in upper arm and lastly surprisingly some thick ears.

BIS was Richardson’s Highdene Hettie,RBIS was Kiernan’s Ch.Sharnor High I’m Viktor at Kierlander & BP was Walters & Mitchell’s Tunman Ta Da

MP D/B (3) 1,Lawson’s Maevani One and Only,7 month old male mature for age,good shape and outline,pleased in head correct bite eyes appeared to be deep set,good reach of neck,correct length to hight ratio moved OK.

2 Bannister’s Miteymidgets Love in Bloom,8 month old bitch not as physically mature as 1,could be stronger in head,correct thin ears,good reach of neck into correct laid shoulders,preferred the movement of 1.

PD (1) Walters & Mitchell’s Tunman Ta Da,8 months old another who is mature for age,pleased in head big teeth correct bite thin ears,good reach of neck,forehand of correct construction good depth of rib and rib well back through the body,tended to loose his  top line at times but overall movement was OK  plenty of bone and muscle,coat of good colour and texture .BPIS

JD (1) Lister’s Bluesmurf Diamond Geezer (AR2) another big lad,but none the less in proportion pleased in head eyes having the appearance of being deep set another with the correct forehand construction ie.fore legs set underneath and back from the point of shoulder,front movement could be better but rear movement was fine,kept his topline on the move.

ND No entries

PGD No entries

LD (2) 1  Murby & Heraty’s 1Tasseltabs Timber,2 well matched dogs,good head proportions narrow skull deep and rounded,correct forehand construction,deep ribs brisket reaching down to the elbow and back through the body,correct height to length ratio,rear movement could be better,well off for bone and muscle.

2 Butler’s Yarbach Federers Final,preferred the balance of the head of 1,good reach of neck into flat and sloping shoulders,good depth of rib brisket reaching down to the elbows and extending back through the body giving a balanced outline with a defined underline,preferred the front movement of 1,these two could easily change places on another day.

SBD (1,1a)

OD (8,2a) 1 Kiernan’s Ch.Sharnor High I’m Viktor at Kierlander,not my style of presentation tended to make him look heavy but upon examination he isn’t,balanced  head eyes giving a deep set appearance and a soft expression,thin ears,correct forehand,shoulder flat and sloping good depth of rib body has a definite tuck up of underline,kept his topline on the move,handler told me that was his tenth CC. CC and RBIS

2 Rainsbury & Hamilton’s Jetsway Chaser SHCM,not yet two but fully mature and giving the winner a run for his money not a lot between these two,similar comments apply as to the winner both with coat of correct colour and texture moved OK but preferred the front movement of 1,was told that he has a fist full of RCC’s,must surely make up.RCC.

3 Ch.Pengerrig Unique

VD (3,1a) 1Cumming’s Ch.Honeymist Blueflame at Rocabec,7 year old male and a worthy champion,pleased in head good reach of neck leading into correct shoulder placement,balanced overall correct topline which he kept on the move with a defined tuck up underline,movement OK,did consider him for the awards.BV

2 Neville’s  Abben Blue Buttons,7 year old male,prefered the front movement of 1,pleased in head thin ears correctly set on,good forehand construction body with depth of rib reaching down to elbows and a good underline.

PB (1) Bannister’s Miteymidgets All My  Love,8 months old and progressing nicely,head OK thin ears correctly set on,good reach of neck into correct shoulder placement,good outline and shape good movement fore, aft and side gait,drove out from the rear,one to watch.

JB (3),Overall for breed type,outline and movement this was the best class of the day with all three closely matched.

1Bannister’s  Miteymidgets Going Global,pleased in head thin ears correctly set on,good reach of neck into correct forehand consruction,good depth of rib down to elbow and brisket deep through the body,kept her topline on the move with good movement fore,aft and side gait,coat of correct colour and texture,probably the best yet from this kennel.RCC.

2 Phillips  Jetsway Fleur of Rathsrigg,similar comments have to apply as to 1 as they are closely matched,lovely thin ears,but prefered the head of 1.

3 Oxbury’s  Miteymidgets Nations Unite at Jukenblu

NB No entries

PGB (1) 1 Jones Tcheria Tydfil of Pengerrig,stood alone but worthy winner,could be stronger in head,thin ears correctly set on,good reach of neck in to correct shoulder placement,coat of good colour and texture,moved well and kept her topline on the move.

LB (5) 1Garbutt’s  Aireview Xmas Star,have seen this one as a raw youngster and she certainly matured,strong head with correct bite,thin ears set on correct eyes appear deep set,good reach of neck in to well laid shoulders good overall shape and outline,moved well in all directions,considered her for the RCC.

2 Cumming’s Honeymist Hot Spice at Rocabec,liver bitch with correct colour for nose and eyes,top class presentation and handling,moved well and kept her topline on the move,good depth of rib down to the elbows and along through the body.

3 Davies  Honeymist Posh Sugar

OB (6,3a) 1Richardson’s  Highdene Hettie,I have to say that she did not have the same level of presentation as the dog CC winner when it came to the best in show run off.But she was just what I was looking for,I gave her the RCC when I last judged 2 years ago,this time she behaved herself on the move and was handled to get the best out of her,correct size and build for a bitch,lovely fine chiselled head and eye giving that desired soft expression,thin ears set on correctly,good reach of neck into correct front construction,good depth of rib down to elbows then through the body,kept her topline on the move with a good under line and carried her tail with the correct scimitar outline the whole picture flowing from top to tail,moved with the light and springy action as if she was floating on air,the footfall when coming towards was just as it should be neither “pliaiting” or wide giving the required horseshoe appearance. CC and BIS


2 Davies Honeymist Posh Dreams,different type to 1,good overall shape and balance,with good reach of neck into correct front assembly legs underneath the body as required,good depth of rib down to the elbows and back through the body,in good coat,presentation and handling first class.

3 Bannister’s Tcheria Tchaffinch with Miteymidgets

SBB No entries

VB (2,1a) 1Phillips  Ch.Rathsrigg,My records show that I gave her a CC back in 2007 from the junior class,now at 9 years old,best coat of the day,still graceful and lithe just as the standard asks for,pleasing in head,dark eye,thin velvety ears,good reach of neck into correctly constructed shoulders, kept her top line on the move,still has the light and springy action but that seemed to be a bit sluggish and appeared not to want to be “at the races” today,that cost her the BV.

Brace (2,1a)

1 Mrs.& Mr.Bannister’s

Special  I. J.Phillips Memorial Open

1Rainsbury & Hamilton’s Jetsway Chaser

2 Bannister’s Miteymidgets Going Global

3 Garbutt’s Aireview Xmas Star

David Taylor