I would like to thank the club for inviting me to judge and a special thank you to the exhibitors for a lovely entry. Many of the dogs and exhibitors were new to me, which made for interesting judging. I was very disappointed with movement in many, exhibitors do ask a friend to move your dog and check the movement for yourself. Heads could be better, a number were thick in skull and short in foreface. On the good side, all had good feet and clean teeth. We had a surprise visitor all the way from Australia. Liz Wells and her husband had made a stop off at Stuart Yearley’s from a holiday of a lifetime and Liz came along with Stuart for the day. Those of you who went to the Centenary show may remember Liz, one well travelled lady.


Class 1. Minor Puppy (4) All of a similar age of 8 months and places could change at any time.

1st. Mrs Y Bannister’s Tcheria Tchaffinch with Miteymidgets. Feminine head, dark eyes, reachy neck on well laid shoulders. Brisket needs to drop, well muscled for one so young, in good dark coat and texture. Movement needs to tighten but this should improve with age. Promising youngster. BP

2nd Dr H OBE and Mrs E Jones’ Tcheira Tydfil of Pengerrig. Litter sister to 1, similar remarks apply not quite as finished as her sister. Another wearing her Sunday coat.

3rd Mr & Mrs R Garbutt’s Aireview Xmas Star


Class 2. Puppy Dog (1)

Mr & Mrs C Mayers’ Tcheria Tchevalier. Typical youngster of the breed, litter brother to 1 and 2 in the last class. All very similar in conformation, lengthy head, correct bite, brisket needs to drop, dark coated just needs more time.


Class 3 Junior dog No entries


Class 4 Novice Dog – No entries


Class 5. Post. Graduate Dog (3)

1st Mr B Armitage’s Eddy Titan O’Woolley. Attractive dog, in good colour correct lay of shoulder but heavy in ribs. Masculine head, well filled under the eye, strong rear quarters, movement could be better. 2nd Mr J Van Der Torre’s Burmington Cotswold Dream. Considered him for 1st but he was a little hesitant and does not like his feet touching. Dark liver coat, good length of head, dark eye with good fill up. Lengthy neck, deep brisket, strong rear quarters, the best mover in the class.

3rd Mrs G Smith’s Vakurblue Eggie Bread


Class 6 Limit Dog (2)

1st. Mrs V Rainsbury’s Jetsway Chaser. Attractive blue, in superb coat, long lean head, small dark eye, fine ears, correct front and shoulders, Deep through brisket, shapely rear quarters, low tail set, best of legs and feet. Won this class on movement keeping his shape but he did play his handler up today.

2nd Ms J Fletcher and Cath. Lawson’s Burmington Say I Do for Maevani. Liver dog, masculine head, with good mouth. Correct front and shoulders, deep brisket with tuck up. Strong rear quarters, low hocks, overall a nice dog but today his movement let him down. Well presented.  


Class 7 Open Dog (7) 1 abs One of the best classes of the day.

1st Ms S Brady and Mr G Carter’sTcheria Shenanigans. One I have admired for some time and I was not disappointed. Well balanced throughout, masculine head, small dark eye and strong muzzle. Good front with correct lay of shoulder, deep through brisket, low tail set, shapely well muscled rear quarters, low hocks, in good coat, moved with drive. DCC and BOB.

2nd Mr P.Kiernan and Mrs D Liu’s Sharnor I’m Viktor at Kierlander. Attractive blue, shorter coupled then 1 but his overall qualities won him this place. Super long lean head which he carries well on the move, good reach of neck leads to correct lay of shoulder. Deep brisket, low hocks, moved well keeping his shape. Immaculate presentation as always from this kennel. RDCC

3rd Dr H OBE and Mrs E Jones’ Pengerrig Unique ShCM


Class 8 Special Beginners (1)

1st Mrs G Smith’s Vakurblue Eggie Bread. Stood alone. Could have a better head, a little round in eye, but has good fill up. Would like a little more of him. Moved OK.


Class 9 Veteran Dog (4) 1 abs

1st Mr D and Mrs J Taylor’s Uptnorth Ombudsman. Just short of 8 year old, attractive dog with good conformation, shown in excellent condition. Masculine head with strong foreface, small dark eye, correct front and lay of shoulder, deep brisket, and decent coat. Shapely rear hindquarters, moved well.

2nd Dr H OBE and Mrs E Jones’ CH Pengerrig Iron Duke ShCM. Similar build to 1, long lean head, small dark eye, fine ears. Reachy neck leading to correct lay of shoulder. Deep in brisket, quality dark coat, 1 just had the edge on movement.

3rd Miss J Oxbury & Mr K Tonner’s Sevray Whisper at Jukenblu ShCM


Class 10 Puppy Bitch (3) 2 ab

1st Mr & Mrs R Garbutt’s Aireview Xmas Star. Third in Minor Puppy, where she thought it was playtime and not show time, but just settled in this class to show she has good rear action. Feminine head with correct bite. good reach of neck, coat soft but coming through. She has time on her side but must not grow on.


Class 11 Junior Bitch (2) 1 abs

1st Ms J Fletcher and Cath. Lawson’s Maevani To The Moon and Back. Shapely bitch, but soft coat lacking colour. She has good head with small dark eye. Correct front and lay of shoulder. Deep brisket, moved with drive but lost her top line.


Class 12 Novice Bitch (2)

1st Ms S E Lawrie’s Miteymidgets Endless Love. Feminine bitch, with good head, fine ears, clean shoulders, good coat, moved well. Her young handler getting the best out of her, talking to her all the time. Well done.

2nd R & K Button’s Jetsway Chardonnay. Heavier bitch in good coat, but not enjoying her day. Deep brisket, shapely rear quarters, moved quite well.


Class 13 Post. Graduate Bitch (3) 1 abs

1st Mr T and Mrs J Graham’s Ruffsfurze ZemZem. Lovely make and shape with long lean head, dark eye, strong foreface, a little heavy on shoulder. Well muscled rear quarters which she used well keeping her top line

2nd Miteymidgets Endless Love


Class 14 Limit Bitch (6) 1 abs

1st Mr T and Mrs J Graham’s Ruffsfurze Beren. Another quality bitch from this kennel. Small dark eyes, and fine ears. Correct lay of shoulder, deep brisket, coat has plenty of guard hairs. Lovely outline ,one of the best movers of the day

2nd Ms J Fletcher and Cath. Lawson’s Aireview Blue Flame for Maevani. Smaller bitch but full of quality Fine head, small dark eye, super front and lay of shoulder, deep through. Coat not at its best, moved well.

3rd Mrs M Godden’s Vakurblue Bacon Buttie


Class 15 Open Bitch (7) 1 abs

1st Mr R and Mrs Y Bannister’s CH Miteymidgets Look of Love ShCM. One I judged as a raw 7months puppy who at the time I thought a real cracker. She did not disappoint today. She is top size, but her overall quality cannot be denied. Feminine head, small dark eye, strong foreface, Lovely front, clean shoulders. arch over the loin, well muscled rear quarters, would like a little more bend of stifle but she moves with drive keeping her shape. Coat of good colour and texture. BCC.

2nd Mr & Mrs C Mayers’ Tcheria Flibbertigibbet. Quality bitch who I am sure will make the top. Fine head, good reach of neck and front. Correct lay of shoulder, deep brisket with tuck up of loin. Shapley rear quarters, moved well. Considered her for the reserve ticket, but unlucky to come up against the veteran today.

3rd Mr R and Mrs McNalley’s Aireview Cristal Blue ShCM


Class 16 Special Beginners (2)

1st Mr P and Mrs C Pocklington’s Nebercrackers Rosie Blue. Shapely bitch, would like a finer head, dark eye, brisket deep with good tuck up, soft coat, movement needs to improve.

2nd Miteymidgets Endless Love


Class 17 Veteran Bitch (2) These two bitches showed how a Bedlington should move. A credit to their owners.

1st Mrs M and Lt.Col I J Phillips’ CH Rathsrigg April Rose. 8 years young. Quality champion, in superb condition, coat and colour. Lovely make and shape, long lean head, dark eye and good ear placement. Lengthy neck leads to correct lay of shoulder. Deep through brisket, with tuck up. Shapely rear quarters, which she used well keeping her topline all through. RCC & BV

2nd Mrs M Godden’s Seaofiron Where Angels Play. So sorry, I donot appear to have no notes on her, but I do remember her lovely condition and movement.


Class 18 Brace (6) 4 abs

1st Godden’s. Moved well together.

2nd Mayers’


Class 19. Special I J Phillips Memorial Open.

1st  CH Rathsrigg April Rose.

2nd  Jetsway Chaser.

3rd  CH AM GR CH Nord CH Isotop’s Exceptional Friend.


Alice Emsley. Judge.