National Bedlington Terrier Club

Kennel Club Registered 7th June 1898

  President: Mr D G Taylor
Tel: 01909 515815
Vice President: Mr E L Hill
Tel: 0191 4206968
Vice President: Mrs A M Emsley
Tel: 01274 637473  Chairman: Mr C Richardson Tel: 0191 2374658
Vice Chairman: Mr M Walshaw
Tel: 01287 652860 


Hon Secretary:
Mrs P Garbutt
56 Butt Lane
LS12 5AZ
Tel: 0113 2631551

   The objectives of the club and it's committee are to promote the ownership, showing,  breeding, also the appreciation and welfare of Bedlington Terriers everywhere. 

The club held its Annual General Meeting for 2020 and 2021 by Zoom meeting on the 28th March as it was not possible for people to meet in person due to government restrictions.


One item that needs mentioning, Mark Walshaw the Breed Education Coordinator since it’s was introduced by the Kennel Club has decided to stand down from the roll in May.


I have attached below the link for anyone who may be interested in the role or you can contact secretary on,up%20to%20CC%20awarding%20level.



 The committee are pleased to announce that the Kennel Club have given permission for the   National Bedlington Terrier Club to hold their two postponed Championship shows from 2020 and 2021 alongside the Driffield Championship show in August 2021.

The committee wish to thank Driffield Championship show committee for allowing the club to hold the shows at their venue.

The first show will be judged by the well know breed specialist 

 Mrs Margaret Phillips ( Rathsrigg ) 


this will be on Friday 27th August 

the second show will be held on Saturday 28th August judged by another well know breed specialist  Mrs Sylvia Morrice ( Mollora ) 

Please note on-line entry only 

entry to Driffield show ground is free but you will need a carpark pass these will be posted out to exhibitor after entry closes 

27th August judging not before 1pm
Wetherby Racecourse  
Mrs M Phillips (Rathsrigg)
                on line entry             
28th August judging not before 1 pm
Wetherby Racecourse
Judge -  
Mrs Sylvia Morrice 
                on line entry             




Announcement by The Kennel Club re Registered Society Annual General Meetings

In view of the prospect of ongoing restrictions on social gatherings for some months to come, The Kennel Club has considered how best to help registered societies to proceed with their routine AGM business, especially as many were unable to hold their 2020 AGM.

The rules and established practice of registered societies in most cases require that AGMs are physical meetings and give no provision for postal/online voting.

In order to circumvent the need to hold physical AGMs, The Kennel Club Board has enacted Kennel Club Regulation C5.e., which is a new provision, so that irrespective of what a club’s constitution may provide, the Board may direct that registered societies may relax/suspend constitutional provisions. In this way, societies may legitimately process routine business by adopting interim arrangements such as postal/online voting or remote meetings, as appropriate.

Kennel Club Regulation C5.e. has been introduced to provide as follows:

C5.e. The Kennel Club Board may direct that provisions within a registered society constitution may be relaxed or suspended for a fixed period, to allow society business to proceed when circumstances beyond the control of the society so require.

The Kennel Club Board has agreed that this new regulation is to be invoked with effect from 5 February 2021 for a six-month period relating to the processing of routine business usually dealt with at AGMs. A guidance note for registered societies is available here.

This outlines how a registered society may process routine AGM business in a procedurally compliant way, notwithstanding the content of its constitution. The Kennel Club is confident that this route will assist the many societies that have been unable to hold AGMs since March 2020.

Clarification regarding the issue of breeders Council Licences which anyone that breeds 3 or more litters in one year should have.  DEFRA staff are not directly involved, i.e. do not visit breeders who apply for a Council Licence.  However, the “council staff” who are responsible for checking prior to granting a licence must ensure that there is compliance regarding the requirements laid down in the following DEFRA publication, please follow the link.



  if you wish to test your Bedlington Terrier for Copper Toxicosis contact the company below who will provide information for you. 




                                                    Great Gift for all Bedlington Terrier owners
                                    Membership to the National Bedlington Terrier Club for the year
                                    Gift includes, Bedlington book "An Eye for the second Century"
                                                        Bedlington ring clip, Key ring and badge.
                                                cost of £15 includes one years membership, P&P 
                  contact membership secretary   01642 485163 email;


General Data Protection Regulation

We are informing you that the club is compliant with the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) that will come into effect on the 25th May 2018 this states we need to inform you regarding the use and storage of your personal data. 

We take your privacy seriously and will only store the personal information we need to administer the club membership which is only accessed by the secretary and membership secretary, it may be made available to the Kennel Club if required also to communicate information that we feel would be of interest to you. 

Data received with entry forms is used for the club to check entries and the compilation of catalogues of which one will be kept in the clubs archives.

The National Bedlington Terrier club will keep such records of member for two years after non payment of  membership then will be shredded.

Whenever we process data we will ensure that we always keep your personal data rights in high regard and take account of these rights. 



                                         The wonderful cake to celebrate 120 years being registered with the UK Kennel Club 




 We have made a few changes to the lay out and hope our new Home Page will point you in the right direction for “up and coming” events throughout the year. Our officials and committee are happy to help in any way they can. Why not become a member? Membership runs from 1st December to 30th November. Nomination forms are available from the Membership Page or from membership secretary Julie Oxbury 

& Secretary: Mrs P Garbutt on