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The Aztec Empire Then and Now

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    The Aztec civilization was a highly advanced and filled with unique customs, a comprehensive language, and amazing technology. The history of the Aztec civilization is one that has long been admired and studied by people around the world. The Aztec economy was very specialized and intricate. A variety of goods were produced within the Aztec empire, including tools, pottery, figurines, jewelry, cloth, and baskets. These goods were either made specifically for the ruler or sold in the local markets. A bunch of items that the Aztec indians valued very much were jaguar skins, tropical-bird feathers, rubber, cotton, chocolate, and cacao beans were received in return. These items were valuable to the Aztec Indians as they were used within many of the ceremonies, rituals, and other traditions of the Aztec people. The development of the Aztec language, or Nahuatl, also played an important role in their civilization. Pictographs were used to represent their written language. The language, both written and spoken, was important in completing business arrangements and in keeping track of family and cultural histories. The Aztec language was also used to create beautiful poetry and other prose used in rituals and ceremonies. Many Aztec customs relied on the use of their language, as did the passing down of their legends and beliefs from one generation to the next. The young Male Aztecs would go to the telpuchcalli (known as the house of youth) and learn of the culture and aztec traditions.