Puzzles and Logic

One of the most compelling aspects of the Mysterious Benedict Society is its constant use of puzzles, tests of logic and other curious conundrums. Listed below are some fun websites and books that will let you test your skills and match wits with
the diabolically clever.

Funbrain is an awesome website filled with word games, number games, puzzles and other fun and challenging games. All of the games are arranged by subject and also by grade.

Learn 4 Good
Learn4good is another great game website with hundreds of games to test your skills.

Math Maven's Mysteries

Test your math and logic abilities and solve mysteries at Scholastic's Math Maven's Mysteries.

Check out these nonfiction titles on puzzles, logic and brain teasers!
On the night before a huge sale, auction house owner Henry Hammer discovers that some of the paintings are fakes, and the originals have been stolen by a criminal genius. This book is a spot-the-difference game, a detective story and and an art book all in one, and it will challenge your eyes and your brain!

Delight and amaze yourself with this encyclopedic collection of the best teasers, tricks and games that have entertained the world since the dawn of recorded history.

Only you can help famous detective Dr. J.L. Quicksolve and his son, Junior, solve this series of puzzling crimes. Read carefully, for all of the clues are there. Use your skills of logic and observation to crack the cases!

Think about It!: Projects and Puzzles for All the Family by Ian Howarth
This book explains the science behind how people think and solve problems. It includes over 80 amazing brain games to play, tests to take and activities to show you how people think.
This book will help you "explore the weird world inside your head." It includes a plethora of puzzles, a ridiculous number of riddles and a mountain of memory games to challenge your cranium. It's a mental adventure! 

Get ready for an amazing adventure! The great pirate Black Beard has hidden his treasure, but you have clues to help you discover it. Solve the math puzzles to reveal each clue and find the gold. If you don't, you may never escape! This title is part of the Math Quest series.

Chess is the ultimate test of logic and cunning. This title includes 80 chess puzzles and links to helpful and fun chess-related websites. With it, you can learn how to play, as well as learn clever strategies and defensive moves that will help you win!