Mad Scientists and Wacky Inventions

The bad guy, or antagonist, in The Mysterious Benedict Society is Mr. Curtain. He invented a machine that brainwashes people--and he wants to take over the world. What a mad scientist! Here is some more information about science, inventions and inventing.

 The Invention Dimension
The Invention Dimension is a great resource on inventors and inventing. Their website has games, information on featured inventors and a how-to section on what to do when you have invented something!

The Exploratorium in San Francisco is an interactive museum of science, art and human perception. Their website has tons of cool things to learn and explore.

Science Online
One of the St. Charles Public Library's online databases is Science Online. In it, you can find information on all different types of science including forensic science, marine science and computer science. Included are diagrams, videos and experiments to help you learn.$002f$002fSD_ILS$002f0$002fSD_ILS:953956/one?qu=totally+irrespnsible&lm=STCHARLES_LIMIT
Here are some great books on inventors, inventions and science!
Want more books on inventors and inventing? Look for the 600s. For more books on crazy science experiments, check out 507.8.

*Some information in summaries is courtesy of the publishers.