This is a a beautiful, melodic, innovative and powerful story of migrations of a/the/some human ‘I’. Inner and outer. Implicit and explicit. Horizontal and vertical.  Temporal and spacial. This is a story of search for Life, Light, and Love.  
A story of travail travelling in the silent and peaceful aloneness in which ‘I’ does not suffer from loneliness but reads, watches, comprehends itself in the content harmony with itself.  “I-Migrations” resurrects the etymological meaning of the concept ‘psychedelia’ that originates from Greek ‘psyche’ and ‘delos’: to make/do/create psyche/mind/soul. Its music and lyrics are pulsing, moving, philosophical, and doubtlessly psychedelic as they create psyche-spirit-soul-mind of the self and the other. “I-Migrations” makes you think, feel, sense, taste, smell, and breathe in/out in a way that brings you closer to yourself. It leads you in the mysterious labyrinth to yourself. It highlights some paths and roads invisible before. You listen to this music once and want to listen to it on and on. It changes together with you and the universe.  

"One day...One life...One story…”, the chorus line from the last song “One Story”, is the philosophy of “I-Migrations” story. 

One Day... One Life... One Story...

My amazing friend, professor Dr. Clea A. Schmidt presented to me this wonder-painting that says everything about our music and worldview. (LS)