IgLa: Igor & Larisa

"It's good to see there are still WILD LIONS in the banal world of music! Excellent!" Greg Hanec

"Igor & Larisa are the most amazing creative couple - bringing us incredibly beautiful, surreal, sometimes alien-but-so-familiar music and art that speaks to our hearts, minds, our being as one continuous, unending consciousness. Their music and visual poetry is a lovesong to the Unity of all existence, the ineffable silence/stillness beyond and underlying everything. They are a precious gift that can only be understood and appreciated by unconditionally accepting it…

These two are a world treasure. Winnipeg is lucky to have them." E.T. Nada

Love, Life, & Light


Earth's Dream

EARTH's CONTEMPLATION. The album "EARTH's SONGS" track # 4


Psychedelic Grandparents

EARTH's HOPE. The album "EARTH's SONGS track # 8


TRY AGAIN (Cuban version)


Indian Lullaby