New Singers may find the following resources on shaped note music helpful.

Singer Lisa Grayson has written an excellent guide for beginners Highly recommended!

The best website to explore for the most information on Sacred Harp singing:
There is a large body of knowledge to explore on this site.   Listed below are some pages/sites on that new singers may be interested in browsing.
To find out if people gather to sing shaped note music near you.
Some singing gatherings are all day affairs where people from multiple states and sometimes countries sing shaped note music together.  Try and go to one if you can.   For singings only 2-3 hours in length, it is recommended that you contact them ahead of time as times and locations are subject to change.
Finding out more about different shaped note tunebooks and how to purchase them:
There is a description of each tunebook and information on how to purchase them.   
For extra help learning to sing using the shapes these sites may provide assistance.     A singers writes about how she learned to sing by the shaped notes    This site may be helpful to those without previous musical training.   A site where you can play music files that allow you to hear the different parts of tunes and learn them.

Sites with new tunes and old tunes reset in shaped notes.
Supplement to the Kentucky Harmony and other reset tunes

'Minnesota Harmony Project' page has new and reset tunes
'New Compositions in the Style of Sacred Harp'
'The Trumpet' - New tunes

 Booklet of the Billings Tunes complied from various online sources which were available online as of August 10, 2015

A calendar listing of singings in Chicago

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