About Us

It is my desire to provide a loving and safe home environment for your child while you are away at work.  I have met strict guidelines set forth by the State of Washington in order to receive my license.  A family childcare home can provide you and your child with a sense of extended family


My philosophy is “Play is a child’s work”.  Our pace is fun, relaxed, and home-like.  Your child will have many opportunities here to do many activities such as listening to stories, coloring, talking, and creative things.

I began doing childcare in 2003.  It is my belief that children get more one on one care in a home enviroment.  Center childcares have a lot of children per adult, and their education is hurt due to that.  We want all of the children that come through our daycare to be well socialized and ready for school.
One of our goals is to help parents find quality childcare without having to give up jobs due to not being able to afford it, that's why we provide you with such low rates, half the cost of a childcare center.
*We can provide you with referral services as well 
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