Quiosque "Eat Art, Buy Fart!"

YouTube Video

Filmed by M Sofia Xavier

On the 3th of June in an old KIOSK in the street of Av. de Rodrigues de Freitas in Porto in Portugal Kersti Vallikivi and Marita Lumi presented a performance "Eat art buy fart!". 
The concept:
If art must be personalised to be understood, then lets consume it by eating it and instead of collecting stuff, it is possible to absorbe air for very cheap price!!! If it sounds boring for you then think the concept over, forexample you can come to recycle CO2! Evereybody were welcome to come to bargue.

The KIOSK  situates in the middle of triangle of national Library, Art University Of Porto and very famous prostitute park Jardins de São Lázaro. Traffic fed the chaos.
 The performance was very successful; we  made 13 eatable painting during 6 hours in early morning(after 1 opening, started at 3 in the morning) all the art was eaten by curious citizens and other cultural feeders and we earned 3 euros buy selling farts for 20 cents! Parabens!