Working Papers

  • The Heterogeneous Macroeconomic Effects of Natural Disasters and Weather Extremities: Evidence from Australia, R&R at the 'Economic Record' [with M. Ulubaşoğlu, Yasin K Onder, Y. Chen and A. Rajabifard]
  • Geography Dictates: The Role of Topography in Sectoral Diversification [with M. Chowdhury and M. Ulubaşoğlu]
  • Domestic Conflict and Credit Constraint [with P. Bhattacharya and P.R. Chowdhury]
  • Injecting with the Water: The Causal Evidence on the Economic Effects of Floods [with M. Ulubaşoğlu and M. Akbulut-Yuksel]
  • Adaptation to Environmental Exposure: One Century of Evidence from Australia 1911-2014 [with M. Ulubaşoğlu and Yasin K Onder]
  • Storms and Political Institutions: Islands as Natural Experiments [with N. Anbarci and M. Ulubaşoğlu]
  • Long-Term Effects of the Great Vietnamese Famine 1944–45 on Pre-Natal and Early-Life Survivors [with C. Güven, T. Hoang and M. Ulubaşoğlu]