Teachings & Trainings


Deakin University, Australia
  • MAE 256 – Analytical Methods in Economics and Finance: This unit introduces students to advanced statistical techniques in finance, economics and business. At the completion of the unit, students will have an appreciation of the role of these advanced quantitative techniques in finance and economics, in business decision making, as well as in research.
  • MAE 202 – National Economic Policy: This unit is a study of macroeconomic theory and policy application. It develops an analytical framework which is used to evaluate the effectiveness of macroeconomic policy in achieving society's broad economic goals.
  • MAE102 – The Global Economy: This unit introduces macroeconomics and aims to provide an ability to identify, analyse and evaluate macroeconomic issues and policy in a global context. It looks at the whole economy and its sectors and operation in an international environment.
  • MAE101 – Economic Principles: This unit is about the behaviour of consumers and producers and their interaction in the market place. The study of how markets operate is essential to understanding any form of economic behaviour in the global arena.

 Professional Training  

Asian Disaster Preparedness Centre, Thailand
  • Regional Training Course on Flood Disaster Risk Management - 2009: Conducted the session “Flood Contingency Planning” that introduces key concepts and the process of inter-agency contingency planning applied to an inter-agency context 
The World Bank, Cambodia
  • Post-Disaster Needs Assessments – PDNA 2009: Designed and facilitated the Training Programme to estimate the overall impact of the Cyclone Katsana on the socio-economic development of Cambodia, and to define a financial plan for Recovery and Reconstruction of the affected areas based on the needs in all key sectors of the economy
Red Crescent Society, Bangladesh
  • A Course on Earthquake Contingency Planning: Theories & Practices - 2009: Conducted the training course that help understanding general aspects of contingency planning process and practices in Disaster Management

 Course Development 

  • "Regional Training Course Modules on Pre-Disaster Natural Hazard Loss Estimation." under the Joint Collaboration of Deakin University Australia and Asian Disaster Preparedness Centre, Thailand, 2011.