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WCPT Newsletter 6/14

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WCPT E-Update
June 2014
From the President and Secretary General
World Physical Therapy Day: new materials for 2014
WCPT awards programme
World Health Organization
Continuing education partner
Regulation conference: presentations available
Human Resources for Health
Working internationally
International events
Ann Moore, recipient of an International Service Award for research in 2011
From the President and Secretary General

The presentation of the WCPT Awards has become a highlight of our General Meeting and Congress. It is an opportunity to reflect on the outstanding contribution our colleagues around the world have made to our profession and global health.  

The awards started in 1986 with the establishment of the Mildred Elson Award for international leadership, named after WCPT’s first President. It remains the Confederation’s highest honour, and the most recent winner was Stanley Paris www.wcpt.org/awards2011#stanley_paris. In 2007 WCPT launched an expanded awards programme to reflect growth in WCPT as well as a growing profession with increasing impact on global health.

Today, we believe there are more physical therapists whose international contributions are worthy of recognition than ever. The Awards Committee is looking forward to receiving nominations for the 2014 awards from WCPT member organisations, regions and subgroups. You can read more about the awards and their categories below.

Kind regards,
Marilyn Moffat and Brenda J Myers

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World Physical Therapy Day: new materials for 2014
World Physical Therapy Day 2014 poster

WCPT has launched materials to help physical therapists around the world mark this year’s World Physical Therapy Day on 8th September.

The message for 2014 is “Fit to take part”, emphasising physical therapists’ role in supporting people with long-term illnesses or disabilities to become independent and participate fully in society. 

The World Physical Therapy Day toolkit for 2014 includes posters and flyers with this year's message, as well as ideas, practical advice, resources on the contribution of physical therapists, stickers and t-shirt designs. 

Access the toolkit: www.wcpt.org/wptday-toolkit
Read the news article: www.wcpt.org/node/107432

WCPT awards programme
There are just two months left to submit a nomination for a WCPT award before the 31st August deadline. The WCPT awards programme recognises outstanding contributions and leadership by physical therapists to the profession and/or global health at an international level.
There are four award categories open to nomination by WCPT member organisations, regions or subgroups:
  • Mildred Elson Award
  • International Service Award
  • Humanitarian Service Award
  • Leadership in Rehabilitation Award 
If you know of a physical therapist you would like to see nominated for an international award, please review the nomination criteria and contact your WCPT member organisation.
For more information about the WCPT awards programme 2015 go to www.wcpt.org/awards.
Download the full WCPT awards programme 2015 criteria and nomination procedure at bit.ly/1pMRcL7
Stanley Paris (centre), 2011 Mildred Elson Award recipient
World Health Organization
© William Daniels / Handicap International

Guidelines on health-related rehabilitation
WHO has issued a call for case studies and personal stories to include in its forthcoming guidelines on health-related rehabilitation. bit.ly/1pLE6PE

Community based rehabilitation manual
WHO has announced a call for proposals to support the development of a manual on participatory monitoring and evaluation of community-based rehabilitation (CBR). bit.ly/1itpIcI

The deadline for submissions for both calls is 20th July 2014.
Continuing education partner
One of WCPT's continuing education partners, MedBridge, has recently announced its new patient care home exercise programme (HEP). The programme enables physical therapists to select appropriate exercises and build customised programmes, as well as help to educate patients about their conditions.
HEP is included in the annual MedBridge subscription, on which members of WCPT member organisations receive a US$225 discount. For more information go to: bit.ly/1q4F7Cz.
MedBridge home exercise programme
Regulation conference: presentations available
The Jet d'Eau fountain in Lake Geneva

Following last month's World Health Professions Regulation Conference held in Geneva, PowerPoint presentations from sessions have now been made available as PDFs: bit.ly/1iJvuH5

Human Resources for Health

A report of the 3rd Global Forum on Human Resources for Health held in Recife Brazil in November 2013 is now available online. The report, developed by  the Global Health Workforce Alliance with support from the World Health Organization, comprehensively describes the proceedings of the event and  summarizes the key issues, innovative ideas and solutions that emerged. bit.ly/1x3MY49

Human Resources for Health: foundation for Universal Health Coverage and the post-2015 development agenda
Working internationally
© William Daniels / Handicap International

Are you interested in volunteering, working or studying in another country? The area of WCPT’s website dedicated to this has recently been updated with new international opportunities added: bit.ly/1poEq4V

International events

4th International Conference on Violence in the Health Sector: 22nd - 24th October 2014, Miami, Florida, USA. The deadline to submit poster abstracts is 1st August 2014. Early bird registration closes on the 1st September 2014. bit.ly/1ic4I9o

2nd HIFA (Health Information For All) International Conference: 20th - 24th October 2014, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. Delegates will review progress made since the launch of HIFA and explore ways to accelerate progress towards Healthcare Information For All in Africa and worldwide. bit.ly/1pJigeg

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