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IFOMPT Newsletter July 2014


Message from the President -Annalie Basson

It is hard to believe that we are already half way through 2014. The Executive Committee has been working on the Strategic Plan since our meeting in Cincinnati last year. We have appointed a branding company and you will by now have participated in the first survey to inform their branding process. We have also received feedback on the Strategic Plan from 13 of our MO’s and have had a meeting to discuss the matters raised in the feedback.
Our 2013 financial statements have been audited and IFOMPT is currently in a healthy financial position. Erik has kept a tight rein on our budget and will continue to do so.
Laura and Ingrid have been busy with the website and I think you will all agree that it is much more accessible and user friendly and will continue to become more so in the near future. We are receiving a lot of requests for information via the website. Information on learning institutions is a favourite and we would like to appeal to you to have the information of your recognised learning institutions on the website. The other important issue is reciprocal recognition. This issue will be discussed at our meeting in September. In the meantime we are happy to inform members that New Zealand and the USA entered into a Reciprocal Recognition Agreement in late June 2014 using the pro-forma agreement circulated by IFOMPT. May many others follow suit.
We are looking forward to the Teachers Meeting in Utrecht, The Netherlands and hope to see a good turnout. The Standards Committee is working hard to prepare some interesting presentations. Please encourage your teachers to submit abstracts for the meeting. We will also have a MO meeting on the late afternoon following the Teachers Meeting.
I would like to thank the Executive Committee and Standards Committee for their continued effort and work. Thanks to Ingrid for all her hard work. We are happy to inform you that she has agreed to stay on till after the 2016 conference.
I look forward to meeting with you in September.

Treasurer´s Report Erik Thoomes
Not much news to report from the treasurer’s office. The chartered accounting firm of Greenfire Accounting Ltd. and DFK Oswin Griffiths Auditors have finalised and audited the financial statements for 2013 and agree that we are a financially sound and solvent organisation. Together with Ingrid at the office, we are editing the make-up of the budgets for the upcoming year. We hope this will provide MOs with an easier “at a glance” overview of our financial situation. As soon as we have this finalised we will send out an updated version.
We have decided to change Ingrid’s salary from US dollars to NZ dollars. As an international federation we traditionally budget all income and expenses in US dollars. For the day-to-day running of the office this means we have to recalculate quite a number of expenses even though we have a US dollar as well as a NZ dollar account. Due to the very strong NZ dollar, Ingrid’s salary (which has always fluctuated) has in effect been decreasing slowly over the past year(s). We keep adjusting it according to the exchange rate fluctuations but after the latest annual increase to adjust for inflation, she is in fact now way worse off in NZ terms as opposed to a year ago in spite of the increase. Not needing to recalculate her salary continuously takes a lot of administrative time out of the process.
I hope to be able to meet you all at the Teachers Meeting in September.

Communication Update - Laura Fiucane
The website is currently undergoing a makeover. Thanks to those who have given their input to shaping the process. It will take some time to get right but you should notice a difference already. A big thank you to Ingrid for taking this on.
We now have 282 Twitter followers and we need you to help us tweet. The value of tweeting is that it will get IFOMPT 'out there' and this will help to share our mission and be recognised internationally as experts if we use it appropriately. If you have anything however trivial it is you would like us to tweet, please let myself or Ingrid know and we will get it out there.

Standarts Comittee Update - Anison Rushton
The Standards Committee (SC) is very busy with international monitoring this year with 13 countries within an IM submission (1st, 2nd or 3rd submissions), and starting to prepare for its meetings in Utrecht in September. Ronel and Lenerdene are now up to full speed as active members of the committee and their input and fresh perspectives are invaluable.
International Monitoring (IM)
All countries are progressing well at their different stages of the process. As a submission is complete, the new timeline of submissions of every 6 years is being implemented. All submission dates are being confirmed with MOs on an individual basis. This year has seen a high number of requests for extensions on deadlines from MOs, reflecting the busy nature of MO activity, and this has contributed to a complex workload pattern for the SC.
Review of the Standards Document 2008
You received a recent email from us on this issue: ‘The Standards Committee would like to circulate the data from the Survey Monkey survey last year that many of you contributed to along with our interpretation of the data and ideas for change. We would then like to invite your feedback on our proposed ideas for change to the Standards Document. This will inform our discussions in September in Utrecht. The survey data is very rich to inform both MO and SC discussions. As the data will identify MOs we wanted to ensure that you are happy with this proposal. If any MO has an objection to our circulation of the survey data can you please let the IFOMPT office know by 11th July 2014’. We have received positive comments thus far regarding circulating the data. If this continues, we will be emailing you before the end of July to take the review of the Standards Document forwards.
IFOMPT website
Our work with Ingrid is ongoing to develop usability of the SC area of the website. If you have any specific feedback / thoughts please let us know.
Clarification on reciprocal recognition linked to the IFOMPT Standards and IM
Over the past 6 months, some confusion regarding the relationship between reciprocal recognition, IFOMPT Standards and IM has emerged, and it has been useful for the SC to clarify the position.
All 22 Member Organisations that are currently part of IFOMPT are full members of IFOMPT. All of their educational programmes that provide a route to membership of the Member Organisation are IFOMPT approved. All MOs have demonstrated that their educational programmes have met IFOMPT Standards at the point of membership and for each IM process. Hence the terminology of "approved learning institutions (that) have met a set of minimum requirements that meet the standards as set in the IFOMPT Standards Document".
The IM process received its first submissions in 2007 and submissions have been staggered since then, and as a consequence Member Organisations are at very different stages regarding their number of submissions. Throughout this process, all Member Organisations have worked hard to address any issues raised by the SC. Some of these are straightforward and quick, and some of these take time as they are changing national processes etc. All Member Organisations are currently working on either current or prospective conditions to further develop the quality of their programmes, whether they are within an IM submission or between submissions.
All Member Organisations and their educational programmes therefore meet IFOMPT's minimum standards or they would not be able to remain as a Member Organisation. A country cannot remain a Member Organisation if this is not the case. From the SC’s perspective it would therefore be valuable for a Member Organisation to seek reciprocal recognition with all other Member Organisations.
Resource of the Standards Committee
Please remember that the SC is here for advice and guidance on all educational issues and in particular to provide support to assist your development as an MO.
Best wishes for a wonderful summer / winter break and we look forward to meeting you all again soon in Utrecht!

Members Organisations Update
We have decided to change the format of the MO Update section of the Newsletter as of the July 2014 edition. Rather than having reports from all MOs, we will request three or so MO’s to provide inputs for each Newsletter and such MO Delegates will provide news, some topical information and introduce their MO’s. The first MOs asked for inputs have been the Netherlands as they will be hosting the 2014 Teachers Meeting and The UK who will host the 2016 Conference.
Other MOs that so wish are free to send information to be included in the Newsletter and all inputs are always welcome.

Welcome to Utrecht - Annelies Pool
First of all I would like to draw attention to the upcoming Teachers Meeting on 27th of September 2014 in Utrecht, The Netherlands.
All teachers, representatives, educational experts in Manual Therapy throughout the world are invited to participate. The purpose of this meeting is sharing educational issues such as clinical training, level of teaching, models for learning and ethics but also content and development of manual therapy. The topic of this Teachers Meeting will be “State of the Art in Manual Therapy Teaching”.
By all contributing to the programme for the day, we strive for an inspiring programme where sharing knowledge and skills can be enriching for all participants. Furthermore, we hope that this day will contribute to the “IFOMPT community”. Abstracts should be submitted to the IFOMPT office at admin@ifompt.org by end July 2014.
IFOMPT will be in charge of the organisation of the Teachers Meeting and will present the final programme in due course. The Teachers Meeting will be held at the Hoge School Utrecht, Bolognalaan 101, Utrecht, who so kindly will provide the venue and lunch. No fees will be charged for attendance of the Teachers Meeting. After the Teachers Meeting all attending MO delegates can join the IFOMPT MO Meeting.
For all MO’s from abroad, Hotel Mitland (www.mitland.nl) has reserved rooms at a special IFOMPT rate. Please mention this when making your reservations.
On the evening of 27 September 2014, the board of the NVMT kindly invites all attending MO delegates, the Executive Committee and the Standards Committee to dinner in the lovely old town of Utrecht.
On Sunday morning (28 September 2014), the NVMT has planned a brunch session with interested manual therapists, including members of the NVMT. Before, during and after brunch, international speakers will share their expertise on several topics relevant for manual therapists. The topic of this brunch session is ”Clinical reasoning for manual therapists”. Lectures will be on several topics within the domain of manual therapy.
The preliminary programme for the brunch will be as follows:
9.30 Welcome with coffee and small bite
10.00 “Neuropathic pain” by Lorrie Maffey, Msc
10.30 Discussion
10.45 Starting the appetite … brunch session part 1
11.15 “Clinical reasoning” by Dr. Alison Rushton
11.45 Discussion
12.00 Third lecture
12.30 Discussion
12.45 Brunch session part 2
13.15 Fourth lecture
13.45 Discussion
14.00 End of Brunch session and desert
The investment to attend the Sunday brunch session will be €40 per attendee.
Some other feedback from The Netherlands
At the last IFOMPT meeting during the congress in Cincinnati USA, as well as in the last newsletter, I informed you of the action of the Dutch Inspector of Health to no longer allow cervical spine manipulation due to serious events occurring during interventions of a manual therapist including one death. The “International framework for examination of the on cervical region for potential of cervical arterial dysfunction prior to orthopaedic manual therapy intervention”, proved to be crucial in our negotiations with the Inspector of Health. He adjusted his prohibition to the obligation to follow the guidelines of the NVMT with one exception that each patient should be comprehensively informed about possible adverse effects and should sign a written informed consent before such treatment. A written informed consent document was deemed necessary since disciplinary law and not criminal law applies for all physical therapists in the Netherlands in case of injury to patients. The NVMT members adopted the international guideline and a patient folder, a movie and an informed consent document were developed. A committee has been appointed to keep the members informed on topical scientific literature and ethics on this topic.

News from our 2016 Conference Host - Mindy Cairns MACP
Things are busy as ever for the MACP. We are delighted to announce that Colonel David Richmond, CBE, has graciously agreed to be the new president of the MACP. As Recovery Director for Help for Heroes, a UK charity supporting wounded soldiers, David is ideally placed to understand the key role that physical therapists play in maximising recovery following all types of injury (http://www.helpforheroes.org.uk/how-we-help/hero-stories/david-richmond/). The first date we put in David’s diary was Glasgow 2016!
The preparations for the IFOMPT Conference in 2016 in Glasgow as well under way. We are delighted to have identified 7 Keynote speakers and 3 invited speakers so far to add to our exciting programme. Our website (http://www.ifomptconference.org) is up and running, with information on the venue, the city, travel and accommodation as well as an outline of the Conference programme and bios of the speakers.
Coming soon are podcasts from our keynotes. The full podcasts will be available free to anyone who registers their interest on the website. We would urge all IFOMPT members to register their interest in order to take advantage of this benefit and the many other benefits that will come as we lead up to the conference. Our focus now is on developing the programme and securing sponsors.
The 22nd July sees a strategic planning day for the MACP. The aim of the day will to be to revisit our mission statement and vision and plan for developments over the next 3-4 years. Maximising the use of social media, provision of accessible, affordable training to a high standard and a complete restructure of MACP research and educational funding structure are on the cards. This will the 3rd such day that I will have been involved with and although always a long, hard day, the Association always emerges stronger and with a clearer, more ambitious vision!
Hope to see many of you at the Teachers ‘Meeting in the Netherlands in September.

MO Austria  - Andres Gattermeier
My colleagues and I are very proud that the OMT training (MSc "Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy") at the Danube University Krems has successfully completed the first international monitoring round. At this point, many thanks to the Standards Committee and to all Austrian colleagues who have worked on this project as well as the Danube University for their support. Both the master's program as well as the ongoing development of international monitoring process will be continued with great commitment by the Austrian MO.
The Austrian parent body, Physio Austria, has appointed a group of experts to develop a position paper on the release of manipulation for specialists. This should help to clarify the legal situation of manipulation of particularly the cervical spine in Austria. This work could also be useful for other MO's.

South Africa Marica Kok
June marks the start of the winter in South Africa; it is also the time for the mid-year examinations of our community based OMT course. The OMT course is being presented in the Western Cape and North Gauteng provinces in 2014. A total of 70 physiotherapists are currently bettering their skills in OMT through this programme. Although this community based OMT course is not monitored by IFOMPT due to a lack in clinical hours, the curriculum is of a very high standard and I would like to thank all the clinicians who spend many unpaid hours to keep this programme in high demand among South African Physiotherapists.
We have presented our second round of international monitoring reports regarding the OMT master’s programme to the IFOMPT Standards Committee. The OMT master’s programme of the University of the Witwatersrand (WITS) and the University of Stellenbosch (US) are currently recognised by IFOMPT. We would like to thank Niri Naidoo for her work as External Monitor of the University based programmes.
We would like to congratulate Dr Ina Diener (Past South African MO delegate) on being voted the next President of the South African Society of Physiotherapy. We wish her luck and know that she will take the profession to new heights in our country.

Some General Informations and Updats
We would also like to congratulate Dr Benita Olivier (Vice-Chair of OMPTG South Africa) on receiving her Doctoral Degree in Physiotherapy.
The IFOMPT community also proves a platform for liaison with colleagues from around the world and we would like to thank the following colleagues for their willingness to share their knowledge with the South Africa OMT community:
Prof Lorrie Maffey (Canada) was one of the keynote speakers at the South African Physiotherapy Symposia in March 2014 and went on to presented courses at different venues in the country. We are looking forward to hosting Dr Duncan Reid and John Langendoen in July and August 2014…hopefully South Africa can provide you with lasting memories.
Manual Therapy Research Review
Please note that the next edition of the Manual Therapy Research Review will be published in early July 2014.
The call has been circulated inviting MO’s to submit bids to host the 2020 IFOMPT Conference. Expressions of Interest to reach the IFOMPT Office by 15 June 2015.
Singapore 2015
IFOMPT will be hosting a Member Organisation meeting on at 6 pm on 2 May 2015 to co-inside with the WCPT Congress in Singapore and all MO Delegates are requested to diarise this event.