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IFOMPT i-blast

Dear MOs and RIGs
IFOMPT participated in a successful AAOMPT Conference in Reno, Nevada in November 2018.  We would like to thank AAOMPT who were very welcoming and gracious hosts - the entire IFOMPT delegation was well looked after and we loved being part of the activities.

  1. The Executive and Standards Committees had face-to-face meetings regarding the business of IFOMPT and also met with a number of committees and MO/RIG Delegates who requested meetings during the Reno events. 
  2. A Membership meeting was held where members were updated on the activities of the Executive and Standards Committees as well as the various Advisory Groups and committees. In particular, matters relating to the proposed new Conference Model and  thoughts regarding the updating of our membership categories were debated. Delegates from a total of ten MOs and two RIGs were present and it was amazing to see their enthusiasm for IFOMPT.
  3. Ken Olson opened the Conference and Laura Finucane did the opening keynote address.  In addition, Alison Rushton presented a keynote address, while two workshops were presented by the Standards Committee.  Nathan Hutting, MO Delegate from the Netherlands presented at the conference as well.
  4. IFOMPT Past President from 1992 to 1996, Bob Sydenham was honoured with an AAOMPT Honorary Fellow award during the awards luncheon.
  5. Reno saw the launch of the competition to win the first of 3 registrations for IFOMPT 2020. The Advisory Group on Marketing and Communication worked extremely hard leading up to Reno to get this successfully over the line with the development of 2 videos. They also created a huge buzz at the IFOMPT booth enticing people to the booth with games to win sunglasses and a variety of other prizes. It was by all accounts a very popular booth to visit and we had many attendees come round during the breaks! The aim of this intense activity was to raise the profile of IFOMPT and this they, together with all the IFOMPT family members present, did. The closing date for this round of the competition is 31 January 2019. Have a look on our Facebook page for the amazing videos already submitted for the competition.  Please advertise this initiative as widely as possible - more information can be found here.  The 2020 Melbourne team also participated in the trade stand and generated a lot of support for the Melbourne Conference. 
  6. The Membership Qualifications Task Force met while in Reno to develop a survey for the RIGs to explore barriers for RIGs to transition to MOs.  This survey will likely be distributed in early 2019.
  7. After receiving suggestions and feedback over the past few years provided by MOs and RIGs both in meetings in Cape Town and also via an online forum in July 2018, an information session was provided by Paolo Sanzo (Treasurer, IFOMPT Executive Committee), Amy Fagan (MO Australia and Chair of the Advisory Group on Finance), and Bob Rowe (MO United States and member of Advisory Group on Finance) regarding possible modifications to the conference and processes surrounding it.  Some of the key ideas proposed included an increase in oversight by the Executive Committee in the decision of where the conference is located to insure financial success and viability of IFOMPT as an organisation, as well as considerations for a rotating regional model, the development of a future conference organising committee, offering a conference on a more regular basis possibly every two years after 2024, and future changes in the bidding and profit sharing process.  More detailed information shall follow in the near future based on the feedback received and positive suggestions to continue to move forward on this initiative.  The first step to this will come in the form of a proposal for a constitutional amendment to allow the Executive Committee to determine the timing and location of the IFOMPT Conferences, and subsequent more gradual implementation and development of the conference bidding and hosting processes with development of a more ideal model that works best for IFOMPT in the long term.
  8. IFOMPT is certainly a hive of activity at the moment and we hope to carry this buzz through to Geneva in May 2019 - please remember to diarise the IFOMPT MO and RIG day of meetings and workshops on Friday, 10 May 2019 preceded by a social gathering where we will all let our hair down as the wider IFOMPT family on the late afternoon of 9 May 2019.  More details to follow shortly.

Kind regards 
Ken Olson, Laura Finucane, Paolo Sanzo, Annelies Pool, Renee de Ruijter
IFOMPT Executive Committee