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IFOMPT Evidence Release November 2016

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Welcome to this month's IFOMPT Evidence Release

Last month Olympics, this month Paralympics - it has been a great summer for international sport. In this issue's Special Interest Topic we take a closer look at Disability Sport, with a focus on Paralympics - inspired both by the Paralympics as they draw to a close for another 4 years, and the Cerebral Palsy MOOC currently running in Physiopedia (not too late to join us - see News below for more information).

We hope that you find this issue useful and that you enjoy IFOMPT Evidence Release this month.

In this Edition, we farewell the IFOMPT Executive Committee members that stepped down at the recent General meeting, namely Annalie Basson, Duncan Reid and Erik Thoomes and thank them for their tireless work for IFOMPT over many years.  Each one was asked to write a few words highlighting their take on the evolution of IFOMPT over the course of their terms of office. 


Other News
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Manual Therapy
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Special Interest Topic: Disability Sport
In the newsResearch
Sport Injuries Sustained by Athletes with Disability: A Systematic Review. Weiler R, Van Mechelen W, Fuller C, Verhagen E. Sports Med. 2016 Aug;46(8):1141-53. Review.

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