Middle School Technology Design Challenge NJ

Event Objective - The main goal is to encourage the students to strategize the best way to creatively solve a problem. In this case, the problem is to score as many points when attempting these challenges. Some parts of these tasks are quite difficult, so compromises may need to happen. Like any challenge, the students should develop a plan (or plans) with timelines or steps. Part of the plan could be to create a team and divide up the work. For more ideas about this, search the internet for “Engineering Design Process”, you’ll find some helpful information. - by: Jeff Steele, 2014

Date - The 2020 MSTDC will be held April 25
Time - 8am- 2pm

Payment - The Parent Organization "RAMP' of FRC Team 303 helps make the event possible
Participating teams should make arrangements to make a donation to RAMP. Information about the donation.
Invoice - 


    Parents or students - should contact their teams coach, mentor or advisor with any questions about the event.

    For information about the event venue please contact Chester King at cking@brrsd.k12.nj.us 

    New teams interested in participating in the event should contact James Peralta  jperalta@lebtwpk8.org

    For rule clarifications, or to be added to our e-mail list for updates please contact Joe Agabiti at joeagabiti@aol.com

Thanks - Chris McWilliams from Holland Township School, for providing several historical challenges, these may be reused or re-imagined for future challenges. They will also make great practice challenges for your students. See folder in the sidebar to access.

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