Testimonials from Parents


“Our son, Matteo (Almost 4 years old) has been taking Miss Maggie’s    

     Mandarin Class about a year. Since this class happens every Monday

     morning, he doesn’t get cranky anymore on Mondays :)  (Seriously, this is

     one of the greatest things to consider!) CDs and textbooks are very useful

     at home and he has lots of fun at the class.  Miss Maggie has a great

     theatre background and kids have lots of chances to wear cool costumes

      in the class.  I can’t tell you how much he loves ‘fruits song’ in  

     Mandarin.  Also, he enjoys learning how to write Chinese characters.”


      -Fumiko and David (Matteo P2)



    “My daughter, Leona (3 y.o.), did not know one word in Mandarin when

      she started Miss Maggie’s Mandarin Class a year ago.  Because of the once

      a week class, Leona can identify Chinese characters, write some characters,

      sing along to Mandarin songs (provided by Miss Maggie in the monthly

     books and CD packet), and insert Mandarin words into conversation

      (such as water, I’m sorry, pig, and count to 20).  Miss Maggie makes learning

     Mandarin so much fun through dramatic play (including dress up), art, and

     her store where the children buy little items based on how much money they

     earned during the class.  We began as a test for whether we should enroll

     Leona in a dual-language immersion program for elementary school, but it

    has been a fantastic, enjoyable experience (while likely stimulating new

    neural growth). “


      -Lisa Demidovich


     My son Charley (5 years old) has really enjoyed taking Mandarin classes

     with Miss Maggie. Miss Maggie provides wonderful learning materials

    including workbooks, special pens and stickers, music cds, and arts and

    crafts.  Charley loves earning money in the class to buy things from the class

    store. He loves listening and singing along to Mandarin songs in the car, and

    enjoys teaching me the words, too.  It has been a great experience.


      -Blake Lamb