Games in Education 

National Institute of Education 

October 5, 2015 
Activity 1: Quiz Time!
Kahoot - create quizzes that require participation from the audience

Activity 2: Jigsaw
BrainPop Games - interactive games related to core subjects 
- BBC Bitsize - Language, Mathematics or Science 

Activity 3: Make anything into a game! 
- Take an existing game and change the rules to make it educational. 
Example - War (using cards) - make regular war into multiplication war. When the two players flip the cards over, try to be the first person to multiply the two numbers. First correct player, wins both of the cards. 
- Think about what types of games there are: 
    - card game
    - question and answer games
    - dice games
    - pencil and paper games
    - board games
    - strategy games
    - cooperative games 

Games to Try Using Technology:
- Gamestar Mechanics - Learn to design your own games 
- Plickers - app for iOS devices for quick multiple choice questions, participants have cards and scan the room for answers