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Marcy Cook Math Tiles

Marcy Cook, master educator, author, and math specialist, has presented workshops and seminars for teachers throughout the United States of America as well as in over two dozen foreign countries. She taught two years in the International School in Thessaloniki Greece and has provided math inservice for International Schools in South America, Central America, Mexico, Asia, Africa, and Europe.

With a Bachelor of Arts from the University of California, Santa Barbara, and a Masters Degree from Stanford University, she has been in the field of education for more than thirty years. She has taught all elementary grades, junior high, senior high, and university level. She currently is an independent math consultant for public and private schools.

Her experiences with classroom teaching, GATE (gifted and talented education), and student teaching supervision have provided her with ideas galore to share with others. Author of over 175 mini math centers and 98 books, Marcy continually motivates teachers to make math a meaningful and exciting experience. For many years her TILING activities have been favorites with students and teachers in grades Kindergarten through middle school/junior high. Marcy's problem solving books, especially MATH STARTERS & STUMPERS, have also been popular in motivating students to think. Marcy's expertise in elementary and middle school mathematics combined with her enthusiasm for children and teaching make her an excellent source for inspiration; she has 100+ ideas at her finger tips and is ready and eager to share this knowledge and enthusiasm with others.

Marcy's rapid fire presentations focus on involvement. They move quickly, cover a lot of ground, and actively engage the participants. As a result, teachers leave her workshops with dozens of practical ideas and much more enthusiasm for math and teaching! Popular workshop topics include manipulatives, communicating math, cooperative math experiences, active mathematical thinking, problem solving, creating an exciting math environment, provoking thought, challenging students to think, estimation and mental math.