World War I Webquest

World History 

World War I WebQuest


INSTRUCTIONS:  Find the answers to the following questions about World War I using the listed resources and your text book.  Present your information in the form of either a paper, a Powerpoint presentation, or another interesting way that covers all of the required questions.  Include pictures and a bibliography in APA style.  Your final presentation should have sections for each title in red. 


1.  Which countries comprised (made up) the following? 

-Allied Powers (6 major countries)                     -Central Powers (4 major countries)

-Neutrals (6 major countries)                               

What were the Central Powers called before the war?

What were the Allied Powers called before the war? 

2. Which side did the United States eventually join?  Why?

3. Which country switched sides just before the war started? Why?

For the following questions, go to this website and click on the underlined words for links to subpages

4.  List and describe the five long term causes of World War I. (Hint the fifth reason is a combination of the first four listed.)

5.  What was the spark!  that led to the immediate cause of World War I?    

6. Who was General Schlieffen, and what was his plan for World War I?   What was his country trying to avoid by implementing this plan?


1)   List and describe 4 weapons introduced in World War I. Be sure to explain their  effectiveness and how they were used?  

2)     What is Propaganda? What were four reasons propaganda posters were used?  

3)     What nation produced the most posters throughout WWI?

4)   Go to sidebar to the right and click on a couple of countries; England, U.S. and Germany. Are  they similar? List some symbols, messages, similarities and differences, if any, in the posters.  


1) What were the four types of trenches used by the Allies?

2) What is meant by a "stalemate" when talking about trench warfare?

3) What was "no man's land"?

4) What types of problems did soldiers in the trenches face?  (Hint: The second website lists many issues they faced so don't just include one or two.  Include enough to give a good picture of life in the trenches.)


1) What were the two main reasons that America and Woodrow Wilson became involved in World War I after  staying out of it for the first few years?


Watch this video to answer the following questions

1) When and with what event did World War 1 end?  

2)  What two countries were unhappy with the outcome of the treaty?

3) What did this treaty lead to and why?

4) How many casualties were there as a result of World War I?  Include killed, wounded, and missing or prisoners of war (POWs).

  # of Allied casualties

# of Central Power casualties 

Total # of casualties