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Reading Homework this year*
 It is required that your third grader's "December Reading Calendar" will be returned on the first week of January. Please have the book title(s) and the minutes recorded on the calendar for each day your child has read.
Remember, your child needs to have a reading goal per month. To help your son/daughter achieve their important goal, have a set time everyday for quiet reading, and help him/her find interesting books or articles to read at their appropriate independent level.

(An appropriate level for your son/daughter is only missing one or two words per page.)

All calendars
must be returned to school each month as part of your child's third grade homework  responsibilities. -Happy Reading! :)

Here's a great link for drilling math facts!
Practice basic math facts daily at www.xtramath.com
To help your child improve their basic addition and subtraction facts at home, use the 'Xtramath' computer program and see all the math benefits for your third grader. It would be so empowering for your child to know ALL their facts by the month of September. If you don't have internet access or a computer, you may use a deck of cards, dice, and/or flash cards to memorize basic facts.
 Fun Math Game Ideas :
TWO games you can play at home:
 To help your child practice their addition facts, the first game is called "Addition War". It's the same as "War"- but each play pulls two cards off the top of their deck and ADDs them. The player with the highest or lowest sum, wins that round -continue with more rounds. Finally, when times up, the player with the most cards wins. (Adaptation: You may subtract or multiply the cards, instead of adding.)

The second game is called, "Make A Number". Each student takes 3-5 face-down cards from the stack. The person  tries to make the largest number possible by arranging the cards from highest to lowest.Then each person reads their number to their partner. The largest numbers wins and get the other players cards. The player with the most cards at the end of the game wins.

 Here's What We're Learning 
 in November...
Learning Targets for Math-
   "Unit 2- Multiplication and Division"
Students will...
- be able to draw arrays and groups to solve a  
  basic multiplication problem.
- be able to multiply and divide 6s, 7s, 8s and
 9s and facts quickly and with automaticity.
- solve simple word problems  
 by multiplying or dividing the numbers.
- need to know their basic addition and subtraction
 facts quickly and accurately.
 Reading "Learning Targets" Students can...
- make/write smart predictions BEFORE they
read their independent book.
- select an appropriate or "Just Right" 
 book to read independently for 20
 minutes and record information about it.

- write a summary when done their mystery book

Our Writing Targets:
Unit - "Personal Essays" - non-fiction stories
Students can...
- brainstorm a list of ideas about interesting "big    ideas" that they want to tell others.

- edit their work for capitals and endmarks.