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Classroom Management

Classroom management begins from the very first minute of school.  I also try to do things to encourage positive behavior in individuals, groups, and the whole class.  I also make parents and students aware of my conduct policy right away.  

  • I use raffle tickets to give to individuals if I see that they are behaving well.  I will also give tickets out to students who are able to remember a fact we learned or who participate in discussion.  I also give out tickets when something I sent home to get signed comes back the next day.  Students write their names on the back of the ticket and put it in a jug.  At the end of the week I draw one or two tickets and the winners get to choose a prize from the prize bucket.  Prizes are usually little plastic toys and rings or decorative pencils and erasers. 
  • My mentee this year had a great idea for encouraging individuals to behave well in the hallways and at the bathroom.  She had the names of her students written on Popsicle sticks in a cup and would choose one before leaving to be the "mystery walker."  She would not tell the class who the selected student was but would watch them in the hallway or at the bathroom.  If they did a good job, they got a reward in the classroom when the mystery walker was revealed.  In my case, I would give a ticket.  
  • I made a team race track board to encourage good behavior at my group tables.  Each table has a mascot which I die cut on a different color piece of paper and laminated. They start off at the bottom of the race track.  Whenever a table as a group is helping each other, sitting nicely, ready to begin first, etc. I will give them a point by drawing a tally mark on their mascot on the race track.  At the end of the day, whoever has the most tally marks advances one spot towards the finish line.  Whenever a mascot eventually reaches the finish line, the whole table gets a reward such as eating lunch outside at the picnic tables with me.  
  • I have a compliment cup which I add to each time the entire class gets a compliment such as for good behavior in the bathroom or having a nice line.  When the cup is filled we celebrate in some way.  In the past I have brought in popsicles.