March 30th-April 3rd

Monday:  Work on Figurative Language Webquest--You should have 3-4 of the projects complete and turned in.  You should also have the notes you've been taking.
    When finished:  Logic Games on MathPlayground  or FreeRice (not the multiplication tables!!)

Tuesday;  Last day to work on Figurative Language Webquest projects--make sure everything gets turned in by end of class!
      When finished:  Logic Games on MathPlayground  or FreeRice (not the multiplication tables!!)  Make other Tagxedos.
Wednesday:  We will work together to Make a table of our class color survey and create a graph/chart on EXCEL.  
  • You will Copy the table and graph to Word--
  • add a Title, 
  • your name
  • your Tagxedo image that you made for Bellwork yesterday.  
  • Type a paragraph or two analyzing the results of the survey. 
  • You can add extra pictures, borders, etc if you choose.
  • Print and turn it in by end of class tomorrow.

Thursday:  Research your Favorite Fruit--Take notes and keep track of Sources.  

Friday:  Create a Favorite Fruit Data Table and create a chart/graph.  Copy each to Word--add a Title, your name, and 2 pictures.  Also, type out  2-3 paragraphs about your favorite fruit and analyze the results of the survey.
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Mar 30, 2015, 4:43 AM
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