April 20th-25th   

Monday:  Notes over Persuasive Techniques.  Typing Trophy #7 Due Friday

Tuesday:  Work on PowerPoint--persuade others to save your animal. Think about Voice and Point of View as put together you PowerPoint.  Typing Trophy #7 due Friday.

Wednesday:  Add a short video link to your PowerPoint--it might help to persuade us.  Copy and paste the URL to your slide and hit ENTER.  The link will work as you play through the slide show. Typing Trophy #7 due Friday

Thursday:  Do more research about your animal--find some interesting facts that you didn't already know.  Edit/Revise PowerPoint--look at info on the board. Typing Trophy #7 due Friday.

Friday: Work on final presentation of slide show--transitions, animations, sources.  Let a neighbor watch it and edit/review it for you.  Presentations begin Monday!!

New Game links on Additional Links and JP pages....Check them out for rest of class!!
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