February 23rd-27th

Monday:  (2-hr Delay)  
  1. Work on Stop Motion Movie Maker Project--Presentations begin Wednesday.  
  2. For those finished--Make sure Typing #4 is complete
  3. Explore/stay on these links for rest of class period:

Tuesday: (2-hr Delay)
  1. Same as yesterday
  2. For those finished, explore links from yesterday and these for today.

Wednesday: Movie Maker presentations.  Typing Trophy #4 due and Movie Maker due.  
    Typing games when finished or links from Monday or Tuesday.  

  1. Have your Movie Maker opened and ready to show me.  I will be coming around to look at them.
    •         If you aren't finished, this is the last class day that we will work on these.
  2. Typing #4 needs finished.
  3. Using Microsoft Word, type out a response to these questions Reflecting/Reviewing this project.  Print and turn it in.  (White backgrounds only)
    • Did you like or dislike this project?  Explain (Give reasons)
    • What would have made it better? 
    • What other suggestions would you give me for the next time I have students do this project.
    • Any other ideas?
Friday:  We will use 
Otherwise go to for rest of class period.  This website only for today.

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