May 2nd-May 6th

**All Intermediate Typing Lessons are Due by end of your class period on May 20th**

Monday:  Brainstorm Letter ideas using Print these and show Mrs. Brown by the end of class. 

Tuesday:  Get your chart from the folder and use it for ideas as you Write a letter to your future graduating self.  Letter Generator

Wednesday:  Finish assignments from last few days and then go to Publisher:  Make a Mother's Day card for someone. Show Mrs. Brown so she can check it.  After that you can create another card or item on Publisher or go to Sketch for rest of class period.

Thursday:  finish any missing work from earlier this week.

Intro to Movie Maker and work on Movie Maker for rest of class period.

Friday: Begin creating a Stop-Motion-Movie using Sketch.

Jeri Brown,
May 2, 2016, 11:08 AM