Dave Spilsbury
writer, digital artist


I, as the more perceptive readers may've guessed, am Dave Spilsbury. I only started writing properly in the last 18-24 months, and have written most notably for Doctor Who Online's VortExtra Prologue and Epilogue series.

I thought I may as well set up a site, to keep a record of everything. Here, you can see a list of what I've written, what I'm going to be writing and what's in the pipeline for me.

I hope you enjoy having a little look around and if you have any enquiries at all then please do contact me through one of the methods on my 'Contact' page.

I run my own series on Doctor Who Online, called Kaleidoscope. It's a fan fiction series starring Sylvester McCoy as the Seventh Doctor and takes place after 1989 TV adventure Survival

As well as Kaleidoscope and VortExtra, I have also written for other people and series, all based around Doctor Who. These have included both prose and script formats, and many pieces have received praise from readers. I do write articles as well, but as with the fiction, I am particular over what I write. You can view a full list of what I've written over the last few years here.

I am open to invitations to write, so if you would like me to then check out the Contact page. All necessary copyrights should have been noted, but if you feel your work is here without your own permission or due copyright acknowledgements are missing then please also make this clear on the Contact page or at the bottom of the relevant page in the comments section.

Thanks everyone and I hope you find the site interesting. Any suggestions / ideas, again drop me a line.