WELCOME to Mr. Carlson's information page
The classes I teach are as follows:
1st Hour:   Pre Calculus
                (College Algebra = 3 credits)
                (College Trig. = 2 credits)
2nd Hour: Prep
3rd Hour:  advisory time
4th hour:  Regular Geometry
5th Hour:  Advanced Geometry
6th Hour:  Regular Geometry
7th Hour:  Calculus I (5 college credits)
8th Hour:  Pre Calculus
We are very proud of our school and our Math Students.
We have been able to help our advanced students earn College Credits through  Fond du Lac Tribal & Community College (located in Cloquet, MN).

Our students can graduate and possibly earn up to 10 College Math credits if they have been motivated enough to dive in and challenge themselves to take Pre Calculus and Calculus. 

Our classes have grown tremendously as we have well over 20 students in each class offered.