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Middle Point Ballpark History

        - Traded for new mower
        - New concrete on West side of Diamond A
        - New Aluminum Beachers on Diamond A
        - New fencing installed on Diamond D.
        - New Diamond Signs for all diamonds.
        - Replaced bleachers seats on those required on diamonds B, C, and E
        - Painted bleachers on Diamonds B, C, D, and E.
        - Purchased new equipment for players.
        - Started www.middlepointballpark.com website
        - Traded mower for new mower (on a 2 year rotation to be most cost effective) - Purchased from Kennedy-Kuhn in Van Wert
        - Had stones at a depth of 3" deep to surface removed on Diamonds A, B, and C.
        - New Aluminum player benches for diamonds B, C, D, and E
        - Purchased new equipment for players.
        - Purchased additional signs for all diamonds based on feedback that the current signs could not be seen from multiple directions.
        - Purchased new equipment bag and working for additional equipment bags to be donated by Century Trading.
        - Traded to upgrade our tractor drag the diamonds every night. Purchased used tractor from JL Wannemacher Sales & Service in Ottoville.
        - Bought pallet of diamond dry materials for diamonds to help make more playable. Diamond rennovation quotes have been received and plans are being developed to improve diamonds for rain.
        - Bought nets for basketball rims.
        - Re-roofed bathrooms and put up new fascia.
        - Bought more rakes and brooms to help remove water from diamonds and prepare diamonds. Also used to sweep concrete each night.
        - Received new (used) harrow to drag all 5 diamonds each night. Donated by Roger Overholt
        - Added Redfield Infield Conditioner to Diamonds A, B, and C.
        - Added top soil (Donated by Mike Elston - THANK YOU!) to foul territory on diamonds A, B, and C. Planted grass (Materials provided at discount from Burtch Seeds and Fertilizer donated by Mercer Landmark in Middle Point - THANK YOU) in foul territory on diamonds A, B, and C.
        - Added clay material to diamonds D and E to build up and prepare for Redfield Infield conditional in either the Spring or Fall.
        - Built new Drag from conveyor material and bolted angle iron to drag, welded hooks and attached chain. Thank You Kenny Parsons for donating some of the materials and providing the labor to complete new drag!
        - Purchased new anchors for bases on Diamonds A, B, and C.
        - Purchased 2 new step down pitching rubbers for Diamond A.
        - Purchased new removable pitching rubbers for diamonds B and C.
        - Senior Girls Class scraped Shelter house, primed and painted the shelter house! THANK YOU girls and Hollie Ford!
        - Dugouts on Diamond A Painted - Thank You Raymond!
        - Received new Chest Protectors donated by David Kemler - Thank You!
        - Tree project started with planting of trees around outfield fence on diamond C.
        - Added sand/soil mixture to Diamonds D and E to help drainage of water
        - Added Redfield Infield Conditioner to Diamonds D and E to help absorb water
        - Planted grass in outfield side of diamonds D and E to have true infield dirt dimensions.
A huge thank you goes out to Hollie Ford and her senior class who scraped, primed and recently repainted the shelter house!! The project included help from students from Lincolnview English IV CP class which consists of Merissa Jones, Kelly Smith, Leslie Hicks, Sami Jones and Mac King. Some of the other volunteers included: Angela Smith (a senior at Ball State), Emily Smith (college junior at BGU), James Smith (freshman at LHS), and Madelyn Jones (senior at LHS). Thank you Hollie for organizing the project! Some of the hard work was captured in the following pictures:
The Middle Point Ballpark Board appreciates your hard work very much!!!
        - Purchased new pitching rubbers
        - April - Had equipment room/bathroom water pipes replumbed to resolve water leaks.
        - Planted trees around Diamond B outfield fence and two trees by batting cage and between diamond A and B.
        - Purchased new achor system for bases on B, C, D, and E. Easier to install and remove for when more redfield conditioner is applied throughout future years. Removing the anchors allow diamonds to be tilled to mix conditioner into soil and level/contour playing fields.