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Community Service

As part of my beliefs, I tend to be involved in the daily life of the community I live in. It is one of the ways to positively give back and share the welcoming environment existing in all communities. Among other roles, I was/am:

2012-2014    TreasurerFamily Housing Association at Orchard Court family housing, Corvallis.

2012-2014    Treasurer, Mediators Beyond Borders- OSU Chapter.

2011-2013    Senator, student representative in OSU's Student Government (ASOSU Senate, OSU).
Duties: Chair, ASOSU Oversight and Ethics Committee; Ex-Officio member, Student & Incidental Fees Committee; Committee member, Waldo-     Cummings Academic Award; Committee Member, Building & Planning Idea Group.

2011-2012    Facilitator, Team Liberation, on OSU and Corvallis.

2011-2012    Member, Student Parent Advisory Board (SPAB) on OSU.

2010-2012    President, Family Housing Association at Orchard Court family housing, Corvallis.

2011            Administrator, Co-Organizing the First Annual Water Day on OSU (in May).

2011            Administrator, Co-Organizing the 13th GeoDay in the department of Geosciences (in May).

2010-2011    Graduate Students Representative, House of Representatives of ASOSU, Corvallis.

2010-2011    Graduate Students Representative, Department of Geosciences at OSU, Corvallis

2001-2003    Elected student representative (of the Chemistry Department) at the Technion student Association, Haifa

2000-2002    Coordinator of Green Campus, Student Association, Technion, Haifa

1996-1998    Life Support, Regional Emergency Aid Center, Nazareth

1995-1998    Mentor, Youth Educational Club, Tura'an.