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General Information

This show is sanctioned by ILR and all rules and guidelines for this show will be in accordance with the ILR handbook.

     Entries must be in the name of the registered owner and made in the exact name (owner and llama) as shown on the registration certificate. Failure to do so will prohibit entry into the            

     show. Owners may or may not be the handler.

     Non-breeder llamas do not have to be registered or have passed screening with the ILR.


Ribbons to 5th place will be awarded in each class. Rosettes will be awarded to Grand and Reserve Champions in halter classes and performance classes.

     A llama can show in only one class for each performance course.

     There will be an exhibitors’ meeting at 8:30 A.M. at which time you will meet the judge who will give you the instructions and guidelines of what to expect and what is expected of you     

     for the show day.

     There will be no class changes allowed at the show except those made by the judge, so be sure to know what classes you want your llama to be in. Classes may be combined if there

     are fewer than three entries per class.


Stall fees are $25 each. No more than (3) adult llamas or (4) juvenile llamas per stall.

     It will be exhibitor’s responsibility to provide bedding. Carpeting, straw, or sod is acceptable but not available at the show site. Stalls MUST be cleaned before leaving. You must 

     provide your own hay and feed.

    Show management will pre-assign stalls on a first come, first served basis and will try to accommodate all special requests. Please check at the registration desk BEFORE unloading in

    order to receive your show packet with stalling assignments. Health papers will be checked at this time by the Registration Clerk.

    Electricity is provided for each stall and water is available at strategic areas throughout the barn area. You may need extension cords to run fans.

    Grooming and cold water racks are available.


     Entries may be completed online on the International Lama Registry website: www.lamaregistry.com.  Or contact Chuck Loughman (724) 747-5615, or Joyce Hobe (412) 780-0145 for entry form.