Moscow International Club/ Velosport / Московский международный Клуб

This website is no longer in use.  The group has been disbanded.

IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO HAVE THIS ACCOUNT and this website  PLEASE contact for this purpose only

anyone with a legitimate need, to promote cycling in Moscow, can have this account for FREE.  But you have to demonstrate some commitment to the purpose: bring lonely road riders back to their bikes while living in Moscow.

Looking to ride in Moscow Russia?  New to town?  Look no further, we are a small informal club of Road enthusiasts.
 We Use Road Racing Bikes.
Picture From Autumn 2012,
Moose Island Park, Moscow
Courtesy V. K.  All rights reserved.  Please contact the group if you wish to use this picture.
We are happy to take on new riders, who want to be members or just to drop in.  We do expect some level of road riding proficiency.  If you are a "leisure cyclist", there might be some members or member spouses that can accomodate you.  We can also suggest places and routes for leisure cycling.
We offer a variety of City and Country rides at Moderate Tempo's (25-30+ km/ hr averages) and a variety of distances, gnerally 80-100km.  Start times vary as the Sunrise in Moscow changes a lot.  We ride from late March to early
December [yes, below zero...doesn't mean we like it]
Typical Rides Include:
1) to and from Krylatskoye, with laps there, 40 km and up
2) city rides including to Center, Sokolniki, Nagantanski Zatan, Moscow State University, The Embankments, Gorky Park - 80-125 km
3) country rides tow the west of Moscow (Istra, Khimki, Skhodnya, Volokolamsk - 100-200 km
During Winter we have a trainer that gives us access to the Velodrome for indoor cycling.  It is a world class velodrome, and very fast (on a track bike).  No track bike needed, most of the guys use a road bike on the apron, but the rides are fast, steady and quite challanging with high average speeds, 35+km/hr.  Good fun.
Contact our members for information on the details of the rides.  We have a mailing list and this is the main method by which rides are arranged.

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Our Members Ride and use:
Orbea Trek Shimano Campagnolo Polar SRAM SIDI Bontrager Felt Continental Bontrager Giro Fuji, Garmin, Wilier
What about winter you say? Some of us ride MTB in the winter. There is also cross country skiing, and skating. We do that too.
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