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Why we love our school...

"A year ago my nights and mornings were filled with tears and heartache. I had a little girl who was absolutely terrified to go to school and make a mistake.  When taking her to school, I had to physically drag her to her classroom.  After the Christmas break, when things were still severe, I decided I had had enough.  I called Monticello Montessori and talked with the secretary.  I took both my kids out of school and brought them to the school to look around.  They both decided on the spot that they wanted to give it a try.  After filling out my paperwork and leaving, I got a call from the administrator welcoming us to the school and inquiring to see if there were any special needs that needed to be addressed.  I was impressed!  My daughter stared reading chapter books that week and hasn’t stopped since.  I feel so blessed that her teacher has been so good to my girls and has been fabulous with their self-esteem.  My daughter now has the confidence to make a mistake.   If feels good knowing that I am sending my girls to someone who genuinely cares."