Siemens-Studio für Elektronische Musik (Munich)

The Studio located in the Siemens Zentral-Laboratorium in Gauting (Munich) was equiped with standard devices and custom built. As for 1958 was counting with the following equipment:

As for 1960 the Studio, now relocated in the Siemens premises at Oskar-von-Miller-Ring in Munich, was expanded with the following equipment:

About 1962 the Studio was in the final configuration including:

In may 1964 the Studio was tranferred to the Hochschule für Gestaltung (Highschool for Designers) in Ulm and there was added the Towiphon. This was the last configuration.


I will expand the information soon, in the meantime you could visit this photoalbum to see the Studio as show today in Deutsches Museum Müenchen.