Why a webpage about old Electronic Music Studios?

From long time I have been fascinated with synthesizers and the rest of 
electronic musical instruments; studying those instruments from the historical point of view I found that several were created with the use in the "Studio" in mind and others in fact were financed by an Studio to cover their own needs.
Trying to discover the "needs" of differents Studios (especially in the planning stage) I saw that engineers and musicians had to choose equipment created to other functions or design their own equipment and this somehow gives a particular character to each Studio.
Then I realized that the "Studios" are a special kind of musical instruments which should be studied as such; after reading lots of literature on this subject, I think is quite correct if I documenting my technical research treating them as musical instruments (and because there is no book nor website that covers this particular aspect)
The contents:
I want to share this with people who may have the same interest or 
seek information on the matter (it is indeed very difficult to find) at the same time try to create a discussion and meeting place where people can make contributions, comments, corrections, etc.
Here will be all matters relating to technical devices as references to works composed; coming my own research as the contributions we could receive. Besides will be the blog which be used to show the progress of this site, as a starting point for discussions and analysis in public, and also to receive general comments.
Please excuse me if each word it's no correct but I'm not a native english speaker I will do my best to be clear. Mainly the documents sources are in other languages than english, I can read a little bit of German but cannot write nor speak. So my language preference is in this order: Spanish, Portuguese, English, Deutsch, Googlish
The material on this site:
I am the sole writer / editor / designer of this website. It is forbidden to reproduce in whole or in part, without
authorization, I will keep the copyright of my contributions (although always give permission to whoever asks). Collaborations received will be recognized for its author who will keep their rights. Were cited all sources whenever possible, there may be some documents and photos that were collected at different sites on the Internet that are not listed because its author is unknown (this material will be removed/credited/edited if the real author ask).

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