Scholarship Related Sites

Scholarship Information (Japanese Embassy in London’s Home Page)

This is the Home Page of the Japanese Embassy in London which has responsibility for selection of candidates from England. Whilst BAMS may be

able to offer advice on the scholarship, all information is based on the experiences of our members.

Any formal inquiries, including those regarding the selection process should be forwarded to the Embassy.

Association of International Education Japan

The AIEJ is an organisation affiliated with the Ministry of Education, and is dedicated to the welfare of foreign students in Japan. It is a useful point of

call for any aspects of day to day life whilst in Japan, such as housing, part time work etc.

MEXT – Japanese Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology

Official Guide to studying in Japan as a foreign student

A great official site which contains a wealth of information about studying in Japan.

List of Japanese Embassies and Consulates

List of Japanese Universities

Other Useful Japan Related Sites

  • Asahi Newspaper
  • One of Japan’s more readable daily newspapers. (In Japanese)