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Career Survey of Ex-International Students in Japan residing overseas

We ask your cooperation for the above mentioned survey conducted by Japan Student Service Organization. The following online survey will open on Wednesday 17 November until Sunday 19 December, 2021.



Respondents do not have to be MEXT scholars but anyone who has studied in Japan at any level of high school or higher education in the past.

According to JASSO, this is their first and biggest online survey of the ex-international students. The results will be published on the JASSO website.

Should you have any queries please contact the following JASSO office in either Japanese or English:




Thanks so much for your cooperation!

Posted 19 November 2021

Two Tribes, United by Music: Western Pop in Japan

JETAA academic chapter/BAMS join online event no.3 (registration)

Posted 15 July 2021

On a related topic, we are very keen to find speakers from BAMS group who are academics (in any field) to step up to continue this series. If you would be interested or know of someone in the BAMS community that you think would be happy to do a short talk within their field of research, we would be keen to hear. One of the main objectives was to provide a forum to network with the JETAA Academic special interest group to ensure greater networking. If you have recently returned from your scholarship and are interesting in sharing your topic of research, then please do reach out by replying to this e-mail

Posted 15 July 2021

SetoMonogatari and other stories: JET/MEXT influence on art and career

JETAA academic chapter/BAMS join online event no.2 (registration)

Posted 16 June 2021

Cultural Exchange and the JET Programme: Power Nostalgia and Emotions

JETAA academic chapter/BAMS join online event no.1

Posted 16 June 2021