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Sponsor Letter

See our most recent 2014 Sponsor Letter below:
Dear Potential Sponsor,

     Hello! We are the MohonBots, a robotics team based in Mohonasen High School's Engineering Design and Development class, a Project Lead the Way capstone course. During this season, we have been building, testing, and refining a robot for competitions through an organization called FIRST FTC. This year, the FTC competition is called "Block Party!" and involves creating a robot that is able to move blocks from floor goals to baskets, raise a flag, and hang from a pull-up bar.

     Recently, we competed in an FTC regional competition at Clarkson University in Potsdam, New York. At this competition, our team won the Inspire Award, which is given to the team that performs well in all judging categories as well as in the robot competition. The winner of the Inspire Award is considered to embody the full spirit of FTC, and earns automatic advancement to the next level of competition. For the MohonBots, the next level is the East Super-Regional Championship in York, Pennsylvania, from April 3-5, 2014.

     By winning this award and advancing, the MohonBots have made school history, and we are really looking forward to participating in the Championship event. However, we request your help to get us there. The MohonBots are looking for funding for:

  • Transportation to and from the East Super-Regional Championship in York, Pennsylvania.
  • Lodging for our three night stay in York.
  • Registration fees for the tournament.

     Any monetary amount will help us get to the tournament, and every donation is greatly appreciated. In return for any gracious donations we receive, we would be more than happy to display your company or business logo on our posters, presentations, and robot.

   We would also like to invite you to display flyers and join us for our Moe's and Menchie's Dine to Donate fundraiser, being held on March 25th in Rotterdam. We would love to have as many people as possible attend this event. Thank you for helping us spread the word!

     As an award winning FTC team, team 4107, the MohonBots would like to thank you with gracious professionalism for your help and support of our team as we work towards funding our trip to the East Super-Regional Championship. We also invite you to like our Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/team4107mohonbots and to follow us on Twitter: @4107mohonbots for team news and updates. Thank you again for your continued support!

FTC Team 4107 MohonBots

2013 Sponsor Letter:


Dear Potential Sponsor,

We are a group of seniors from Mohonasen Senior High School. This public high school, located in Rotterdam, offers an engineering program which focuses on preparing students like us to excel in math, science, and engineering careers. As a final project within this program, we are required to construct a robot for the First Tech Challenge (FTC) competition, as well as create an engineering portfolio for this project. When complete, this project will be presented to a review panel. Our project is entitled The First Tech Challenge Block Party. Its primary purpose is to have robots complete various tasks through remote control operation and autonomous operation. Some of the tasks include picking up 2" blocks and placing them into baskets, riding up a ramp, hanging the robot from a bar, and raising flag to the top of a pole. Each task is worth a different amount of points.

The purpose of this letter is to request support for our project prototype design. We are looking for sponsorship funds to offset the cost of part of or all of our team’s necessary expenditures, and any donation amount would be greatly appreciated. Would there be a way for your company to help sponsor us with a monetary donation? Attached is a list of products we need to purchase. As high school seniors, we are unable to provide the money for all the the items we need to purchase. We will be happy to give your company recognition by adding your company logo to all of our displays including: posters, decals, t-shirts, multimedia presentation, etc. Many of these various displays are showcased around the area to a wide array of people.

If you are able to help our project, we can be contacted at the address found at the bottom of this letter. You may contact one of our team members, Marina, at m_lanaro@mohonasen.net. If you wish to confirm our project and material needs or for more information on donating monetary funds, please e-mail or call our instructor George Reluzco. His email address is greluzco@mohonasen.net and phone number is (518)-356-8300. Should you not be able to help with these supplies, can you recommend another available source or supplier that might be willing to aid our team? Thank you very much for your help. We all greatly appreciate it.

These are some of the projects that we need to offset the cost of:

Registration Fee: $275              
Qualifying Tournaments: $200
Championship Tournament: $200   
Team T-shirts: $300
Materials: $300
Robot Materials: $300
Super-Regional Registration: $500 
Super-Regional Lodging and Transportation: $300

Total= $ 2375


Marina Lanaro
Laura Treers
Dan Litchmore
Gurpreet Chahal
Saffiyah Rafieck
Joe Stanley
Kunika Chahal
McKenzie Burns
Rachel Lambert

Mohonasen High School

2072 Curry Rd. Schenectady, NY 12303