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Problems and Solutions Log

Here you can find record of troubleshooting our team has done and our fixes that may help other FTC teams encountering similar problems:
1. Problem: Too much static!
   Solutions: Although a definite fix has not yet been found, we have noticed that using a Ferrite bead on the USB wire connected to the Samantha reduces static.  Also try using anti-static spray, try not to wear clothes that may become easily statically charged, and "discharge" the robot by grounding yourself and then touching the robot.         
2. Problem: NXT Bricks constantly crashing/freezing!
   Solution: Try taking off encoders (see link in Robot help for removing them safely). We found that after removing all encoders from the robot our NXT's problems miraculously disappeared.                
3. Problem: Buzzing Robot
   Solutions: Buzzing may be a sign that a servo is close to burning out due to too much stress, but in our case our controllers were so dated that the joysticks were collapsing slightly.  This caused the joystick to read a very small value, telling the drive motors to move at a speed too small to result in motion, but instead a strange buzzing noise.
4. Problem: Code not responding to sensor values from the SMUX (Hi-Technic Sensor Multiplexer)
   Solutions: Try re-downloading and the "Xander driver suite" from Ensure that you are referencing the driver using #include ".../XanderDriverSuite/..." and that you reference the file to the correct location on your computer. Lastly, use the guide provided by RobotC for Third-Party drivers and use the function specific to that sensor, rather than the traditional SensorValue(sensorname). 
Experiencing other robot issues not addressed here? General questions/concerns? Contact us using the information listed below:
Contact Information
Mohonasen High School: 2072 Curry Rd. Schenectady, NY 12303