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Engine Engine magazine

The Minnesota Fire Engine Club was published in the magazine Engine Engine. Thank you to all members for all your hard work in 2020.

MNFEC Welcomes 3 Trucks

Mendota Heights Pumper
Maplewood Snorkel
Osceola Ladder/Pumper

In November 2020, a few members of the Minnesota Fire Engine Club went to WI to bring the former Mendota Heights pumper, former Maplewood 75 FT snorkel and former Osceola 50 FT Ladder/Pumper to Castle Rock, MN. It was a long drive back going around 35 mph as a truck had some tires that had cracked from sitting outside for a while. But getting stuck at a stop light did not slow the former Mendota Heights pumper down. She got up and going with no issues and caught back up to the others in no time. Once they made it to Castle Rock, MN they raised the former Maplewood snorkel and the ladder of the former Osceola truck and neither of them had any hydraulic problems. All 3 trucks need some TLC but it will be a lot of fun getting the trucks ready for the events in 2021 and learning more about their history.

Maplewood 75 FT Snorkel owned by Henley McNulty, Rich and Shannon Klahr

Osceola 50 FT Ladder/Pumper owned by Henley McNulty

Mendota Heights Pumper owned by Chris and Lindsey Krause

Minnesota Fire Muster Goes On

Minnesota Fire Engine Club was on the online Fire Apparatus magazine on 10.13.20 for an article about the 2020 Fire Muster.

2020 Fire Chiefs Magazine

Fall 2020 Vol. 56, No. 3 The club made the cover of the Fire Chiefs Magazine. Photograph by Mike Yungers.

Helping bring Wildcat Home

Read about how the Minnesota Fire Engine Club helps find an old fire truck and helps to bring it back to where it started.

Listen in to Len Schrader talking on the KQ morning show about our event; Pumpers on the Mississippi in Hastings, MN

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