Training & Fees

Basic Lethwei Training

Lethwei Classes schedule: 

🏁7 hrs ⏰session per day 
(1 session per hour)
⏰6am-⏰10am (3 sessions) 
⏰5 Pm -⏰ 9 Pm (4 sessions)
(7pm-8pm is woman only class)
we close on Sunday

Lethwei Pro Classes and Wrestling Basic 

 💵5000 kyats / 1 class
💵55000kyats / month
💵40000 kyats for 10 times in 30 days(Transferable)
💵private classes 1 month,200000 kyats
Lethwei Personal Private Training

Please email us at if you have any questions.


Mandalay Lethwei Camp team