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Within this Lethwei One hour class will let your cardio burn acquiring the values of self defense skills The Difference between Lethwei and others Kick Boxing ( including Muay Thai) were

Lethwei Techniques based on Full Power Punches,Elbows,Knees,Kicks and Headbutt The Arts of 9 Limbs ( including 2 knuckles + 2 Elbows + 2 Kick + 2 Knees + 1 Headbutt ) In Myanmar Traditional Lethwei Fight , There was no point system ,Only win by Knock Outs only ,If one man stand up Win , If two men stand up it means Draw. Thats how any Lethwei fighting techniques they lead to Knock Out (K.O) Don't forget to reserved your spot! Please follow the link below for online registration and more detailed information

MLC Lethwei camp opening

Frequently asked Questions

1. What are the training fees?


1. 5000 kyats for a day pass 

2.55000 kyats for one month but this pass is non-transferable 

3.40000 kyats for 10 session pass to be used witin 30 days (if you cant make 10 times in 30 days , you can transfer your remaining training times to your friends

4.200000 kyats for 1 month personal training 

3.3.Hours of operation?

In the morning 6am-9am and In the evening 5pm-9pm . The last class of morning was 9am and the last class of evening was 8 pm . Open Seven days a week


4. Is it possible to visit and have a tour of the gym before committing to any payments? 


Yes of course! At Anytime , any moment , we welcome and encourage you to visit us and tour around our gym . After surveying when you feel satisfied ,You can join our class


5.Is it possible for anyone male/female with no background in martial arts or self defence experience to attend the training?


Rest assured, there are many females who attend our classes, do not worry if you have had no background in any martial arts.  Our arranged training plan and schedule for Lethwei is to burn the most calories while teaching you valuable self defence and most importantly having fun. 


6. What should I wear and bring to lethwei training ?

Just need to wear comfortable sport wears, you do not need to wear any specialised clothing or gear. Due to using the Training Safety Mats  , Shoes will not be allowed . we provide necessary equipment such as gloves & lethwei hand wraps at our club. We suggest you get your own personal lethwei wraps for hygienic reasons. 

You can also buy lethwei wraps and equipments at training if you don’t wanna use the shared gear.


7.How long should I train lethwei training?


This will differ from individual to individual.  It depends on what your goal is in both self defence and getting fit.

We cater to all different skill level and fitness level of our clients.  You may enjoy our daily classes to get fit and stay fit or you may receive training as a professional fighter would with a higher intensity, the choice is yours!


We have our fundamental basic course (12 times in 3 weeks) as well as lethwei advanced techniques course (12 times in 3 weeks ).


8.Where is the lethwei Class Location and Phone number ?

No 14(A) (3rd Floor) 31st street between 86th street 87th street 

For registration or detailed information , Contact Number- +959783506008


lek kha moun is the traditional gesture performed by Lethwei fighters to challenge their opponent with courage and respect. The lek kha moun is done by clapping 3 times with right palm to the triangle shaped hole formed while bending the left arm. The clapping hand must be in form of a cup, while the left hand must be placed under the right armpit. The lek kha moun is done at the beginning of the lethwei yay and can also be done while fighting.

Lek kha moun

Lethwei fighting itself is far more applicable to street defense and MMA cage fighting than Muay Thai. The strategy is more primal and final than the calculated and Muay Thai strategy. The punches more designed to rake and inflict tearing of flesh than the gloved hands of Muay Thai.

In comparison, Lethwei can be interpreted as being bolder, more efficient and extreme. The techniques are a bit slower and stronger than in the other Southeast Asian kickboxing forms, possibly because it has more Indian influence than the other styles

According to historical records Lethwei predates Muay Boran, Bokataor and any other South East Asian type of boxing. First records of it was discovered in the Pyu kingdom circa 300AD.

Lethwei Old Footage

YouTube Video

Dave Leduc Lethwei
2016 World Lethwei Champion

Dave Leduc Lethwei

The two fighters who fought against each other after the fight. Both displayed great respect for the other and showed it during and after the fight.

WLC World Lethwei Championship 2017