About Miss Dardani

Hometown: Syracuse, NY

Education:  BA Math (SUNY Geneseo)
                        BA Spanish (SUNY Genseeo)

                        MS Educational Technology Specialist (Nazareth College)

                        Click here to link to my Master's Thesis on "Flipped Learning"

How I spent my summer: This summer I nannied, made a serious commitment to CrossFit, and traveled to Italy, France, and Spain with my family!

What I do after school: Coach Boys JV Volleyball, and Junior Class Advisor.

Interests: Running, Cooking, MATH, Photography, Reading, Traveling. I spent the summer of 2008 in Europe and the summer of 2009 in Costa Rica. In  2011 I travled to the Grand Canyon and San Diego, and this summer I went on a Mediterranean Cruise through Italy, France, and Spain. Check out the pictures below!

My Travels