Old Timers Regatta

Old Timers’ Regatta

1. The Open Regatta Rules will apply to the Old Timers’ Regatta with the following exceptions:

2. Only members of the Minuteman MYC who are 65 years of age or older may sail in this regatta.

3. The race is sailed with US One Meter yachts only.  Loaners may be made available. Arrangements for a loaner need to be made prior to the regatta. In lieu of the traditional 5-minute repair hold, each skipper is allowed one 15-minute nap per day.

4. The low-point scoring system will be utilized with final standings being calculated by dividing each skipper’s race final score by 1.X (where X equals the skipper’s age). For example, a 66-year-old skipper who ends up with 21 points will have a corrected score of 21 divided by 1.66 (12.65), while a 92-year-old skipper who ends up with 24 points will have a corrected score of 24 divided by 1.92 (12.5). The 92-year-old skipper wins.

5. Each skipper is allowed one ten-minute hold per day for a battery change.

6. The club’s youngest available member shall serve as the Race Director.

7. The starting gate will be twice as wide as usual, and all buoys (except the RD) may be hit as long as they are passed on the correct side.