Local Series Regatta Rules

Series Regatta Rules 

 1. Series Regattas are open only to MMYC club members sailing designated AMYA sanctioned classes of yachts (i.e. US 1 Meter, Soling 1 Meter, Star 45, Wheeler, etc.).

 2. The One Meter Metric Series is restricted to the following classes of yachts: US One Meter, IOM, Soling One Meter, Tempest, and SeaWind. The other currently scheduled series host only one class each, and nothing further need be said about classes of yachts allowed.

 3. During a regatta, rigs may be swapped, but not appendages (even if allowed by class rules).

 4. Boats may be substituted between regattas but not within a regatta.

 5. A series, which will take place over a single season, will be comprised of a predetermined number of regattas, each containing up to 13 races.

 6. All skippers must be registered and the frequency on which the skipper’s yacht will be sailed must be reserved by the skipper. A “one-time” entry fee of $6.00 must be paid, which will allow the skipper to sail in any or all of the Regattas of the Series. A skipper may register at any time during the Series.

 7. Only classes comprised of four or more yachts registered for the Series will be considered a fleet and be eligible for trophies. A skipper’s score is the skipper’s best N races in the complete series, where N=30 for a seven-regatta series and N=20 for a four-regatta series, and the low-point scoring system will be used:

 • Winner receives 1 point; second, 2 points; etc.

 • DNF (Did Not Finish) will be scored as the heat plus 1.

 • DNS (Did Not Start) will be scored as the heat plus 2.

 • DNQ will be scored as the number of boats in the daily fleet plus 3.

 • DNR (Did Not Race) will be scored as the number of skippers registered in the series plus 1.

 • There will be no throw-out heats in any regatta and no throw-out regattas in any series.

 • This rule also applies to skippers that are registered after the start of a Series.

 The objective is to sail as many heats as possible between 10 a.m. and 2 p.m., with a 30-minute lunch break. Each skipper is allowed one, five-minute hold per regatta. While more heats may be sailed on any particular day, only the first 13 heats will be recorded.

 8. No heat may start without a dedicated scorekeeper. If there is not a dedicated scorekeeper available for the entire regatta, the regatta may proceed, but with the number of heats equal to an integral multiple of the number skippers present and participating, with each skipper, in rotation, keeping score. The order of skipper assignment to scorekeeping will be established by lottery prior to the start of the regatta. Under this scorekeeping system, if weather shortens the regatta before a number of heats less than the number of skippers present and participating has been sailed, the regatta shall be cancelled. If the regatta is weather shortened after more heats have been sailed than the number of skippers present and participating, the results shall be truncated to the largest number of heats sailed that is equal to an integral multiple of the number of skippers present and participating, declared official, and scored accordingly.

 9. The Race Director may sail in a heat, but the scorekeeper may not.

 10. The winner of each regatta must serve as (or provide) the Race Director for the next regatta in the series. Doctor’s notes are accepted.

 11. Following the final regatta of a series, “Keeper” trophies will be awarded to the top three finishers in the One Meter Metric and Soling One Meter Series but only to the winner of each of the remaining series (currently Star 45, Wheeler, and EC12).

 The winner of each series will have his/ her name added to the perpetual trophy (if it exists) and will be allowed to hold the perpetual trophy until someone else wins it.

 12. Changes to any of these rules must be have the approval of a simple majority of the skippers in the series and must apply to all Regattas in the series.