Local Open Regatta Rules

Open Regatta Rules

1. All skippers who pay the entry fee may sail in an Open Regatta (provided an unreserved frequency is available).

2. All competing yachts must be registerable in an AMYA-sanctioned class.

3. All yachts, and their frequencies, should be pre-registered with the Vice Commodore, or his designate, at least 24 hours in advance.

4. For regattas dedicated to a particular class (Soling One Meter or US One Meter), first, second, and third in class trophies will be awarded to skippers only in the dedicated class.

5. For the three remaining open regattas (Memorial Day, Independence Day, and Columbus Day) First Place, Second Place and Third Place trophies will be awarded without regard to which class boat the skipper who takes first, second, or third place is sailing.

6. A yacht must be pre-registered, but does not have to be part of a fleet to win an overall trophy.

7. A low point scoring system will be used for all Open Regattas.

• First place will get 1 point; second place will get 2 points, etc.

• DNF will be scored as the number of boats in the heat plus 1

• DNS will be scored as the number of boats in the heat plus 2

• DNQ will be scored as the number of boats in the fleet plus 3 and shall not be eligible for throw-out.

• If 13 races are completed, there will be one throw-out race.

• Each skipper is allowed one, five-minute hold per regatta.

8. The RD may modify one or more of these rules on race day with approval of a simple majority of the skippers present.