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They have homeschool days consist of a mix of ecology and studio art workshops throughout the sculpture garden.

Waukesha Art and Gym Class: for homeschoolers and charter kids. Wonderful classes. Start registering for next semester art and gym, now you can do it.


Other Homeschooling Groups in Milwaukee & surrounding Area:

Learning, Loving and Growing at Home group is for ALL homeschoolers in WI whether you take charge of your children's education, or are charter. In thisgroup feel free to post about homeschool events or businesses that have specials for homeschoolers. Please feel free to also post about field trips that you or your group are doing so that others can join.

MAHL is a community of homeschooling families who gather for friendship, activities and support. Our membership is varied and all are welcome. Our structure is fluid; we depend on individual parents and children to take the initiative to make good things happen.

Waukesha Homeschoolers' Meetup is for homeschool and virtual school families in the greater Waukesha area. The purpose of this group is primarily socialization - to make friends with other homeschool families, both kids and parents, in a respectful and fun environment! A $5 per family yearly donation is suggested (but not required) for to help cover the costs of hosting this group on the Meetup website.


If you want to add any events or homeschool groups just email me and I will then add it to the page.