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Dear Senator ____________ or Representative ______________, 

I would like to express my concern about  Public Act 333 of 2006, §18351 (on Dietetics and Nutrition Licensing) which is in the process of being reviewed for implementation.

I feel this law is rigid and narrow when it comes to defining a nutritionist, and is in effect creating a monopoly for dietitians. I don’t believe that the best interests of Michigan’s citizens are best served by limiting good professionals from providing nutritional counseling, and limiting access to them. Dietitians represent one approach to diet, but many people require and prefer a different approach, such as that of a nutritionist or other non-dietitian provider. There is no compelling evidence of harm to the public from the current lack of licensure of nutritionists. And this law is quite biased in it's licensure requirements towards the Dietetics model of nutrition which is not inclusive of many current, evidence-based practices in nutrition. 

I am concerned that this law, if enacted, will affect my choice to adequately protect my health and the health of my family. I should have the right to choose nutritional therapy from a variety of professionals coinciding with my personal health and nutritional philosophy. The rules favor the Registered Dietitian without recognizing any other nutrition credentials, and restrict choice for me and my fellow citizens. This law unfairly burdens small businesses; if enacted, it is likely many nutrition professionals will lose their livelihoods and the number of available providers will decrease at a time our state desperately needs more, not less nutrition care resources.

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As my representative I urge you to familiarize yourself with this law and the issues surrounding it. Thank you for your consideration.

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