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The Michigan Dietetics Association was successful at getting this monopolistic legislation through quietly because non-dietician nutritionists had no central organizing body.  Michigan Nutrition Association is now serving that function.  In order to stop this law we must actively let the public know what's at stake.  One way to do that is to talk about this law and what it will mean, to everyone you know-- family, friends, clients, coworkers, etc.

If you don't feel "educated" enough to do that, browse the website-- we have lots of information here for you.  Especially look at the Talking Points for Letter Writing to gain some pointers about how to talk about the law and the reasons it's so bad.

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Alert: Protect Nutrition in Michigan!

Are you aware that you may soon lose the freedom to choose among nutrition-based health care providers in Michigan? That’s right: most nutritionists who are not Dietitians will soon face excessive regulation that will effectively bar most from practicing nutrition in Michigan.

In 2006 at the urging of the Michigan Dietetics Association, the MI legislature passed a law requiring that anyone practicing almost any kind of nutrition counseling, be licensed. For over 4 years, the MI Board of Dietetics and Nutrition (the licensing board) has been meeting to set specific rules for who qualifies for a license.  The Licensing Board is stacked with Dietitians, who have  written rules that create a de facto monopoly for Dietitians, although the fact that the process has taken this long is testament to the amount of opposition to this law.

Dietitians are only one type of nutritionist, yet they seek to monopolize the field. Most non-Dietician nutrition professionals – many of whom are far more trained and qualified than Dietitians – will be put out of business.  Many other licensed health care professionals who use nutrition in their practice will also be barred or restricted. It is critical that public opposition to this dietetics monopoly come through loud and clear.

What can you do? Go to www.MichiganNutritionAssociation.org to learn about the law and rules, the impact, and action you can take. These rules must go through a public hearing, and a regulatory process in which their impact has to be evaluated and justified. 

The MIchigan Nutrition Association is a non-profit formed to fight this law and protect nutrition  MNA is informing and mobilizing the public, and getting people like you to write letters, contact your representatives, show up in Lansing at  the public hearing, and volunteer to help defeat this law. MNA is coordinating the effort, but YOU are the force needed to stop this from happening. Please go to www.MichiganNutritionAssociation.org and find out how you can protect nutrition in Michigan!

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