Registered Dietician (RD)

Registered Dietician (RD)


333.18358 Licensure; requirements.

…“ (2) The department shall grant a license as a dietitian or nutritionist to an individual who is currently registered as a dietitian by the commission on dietetic registration and fulfills the standards of the commission as adopted by reference under section 18357(4). An individual granted a license under this subsection shall apply for licensure as a dietitian or nutritionist under this part by July 1, 2008.”

MNA Interpretation: As of August 2010, the licensing board appeared to be under the misimpression that the statute automatically grants licensure to RDs. However, the statute noted above clearly states that automatic RD qualification for licensure only applies to those who apply for licensure by July 1, 2008. So as per the statute, for anyone applying after that date, the RD credential does not automatically qualify an applicant for licensure. They will need to apply just as everyone else will.


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